Roaring of lion tattoos

What do we know about the lion? The first thing we all think about is that he is the King of the Jungle, or also known as the King of beasts. One of the qualities that places it in that place is undoubtedly its strong roar, which could be heard kilometers away. When the lion roars, it imposes its authority. That is why, when it comes to lions, many opt for lions tattoo designs roaring.

Lion tattoos represent

At first glance, lion tattoos roaring are impressive and impressive. However, I think the most interesting thing is what lies behind that fierce image, what these interesting designs represent:


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As you can see, it is a design that represents many and varied positive qualities. If you feel identified with some of them, do not doubt that roaring lion tattoos are ideal for you.

Culturally speaking, around the world, the figure of the lion has always been of great importance and importance: in China, the lion is considered the personification of power; in Africa, the figure of the lion is seen as the incarnation of the supernatural spirit of the antecedents, and is at the same time creative and destructive; the ancient Greeks consider the lion’s strength as the first and most important (“as strong as the lion,” they used to say).

Finally, I will say that a lion tattoo roaring implies power, but above all, ability to exercise it. Of course that authority is always executed, mainly on his own life and with full wisdom.

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