Roman Numeral Tattoos – a fashion that never finished leaving

Within the tattoo world there are several types of tattoos that people are more worried about what others do than their own life usually define as “a cani tattoo”. Yes, it is a very Spanish expression that our Latin American readers may not understand, although it is a derogatory way to refer to some type of tattoo.

And is that the Roman Numeral Tattoos would be, along with those of tribal, the tattoos most hated by many people who, for the most part, usually have no tattoos. And I wonder, how can you criticize a tattoo without even wanting one? Anyway, there are people for everything.

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Although I myself mention in the headline of this article that the Roman Numeral Tattoos have had their “golden age,” it is clear that they have never finished leaving for not saying, to stop being present in the world. Although in our day to day the majority of the society we hardly use the Roman numerals, at the time of getting a tattoo are very resorted.

Roman Numeral Tattoos – Elegant and Simple

The reason? There are many people who when they decide to put on their skin a date or a special number in their lives choose the Roman numerals. It is a more elegant and simple way to translate a figure. From a date of commitment to the death of a loved one. The reasons for getting a tattoo of Roman numerals are diverse and very varied.

Personally I do not like the Roman Numeral Tattoos unless they are accompanied by other elements with which to complement or decorate these elements. Although, for color tastes. And you, do you like these types of tattoos? Share your opinion with us.



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