Romantic Heart Tattoo

Not long ago we saw a selection of heart tattoo where human hearts were the protagonists in the designs of the selection. But today I want to tell you about other types of hearts, the romantic and traditional hearts, the ones that we have all drawn millions of times in the folders of the institute while we looked at that special person that filled our thoughts and prevented us from focusing.

Heart Tattoo Symbol

Hearts are the symbol of love, the symbol of affective union between two people, the symbol of love towards someone or something that is really loved. The heart represents a feeling that moves the world, which is capable of destroying barriers and that if there were more love and more hearts in our society, there would be less hatred and less war.

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The heart is undoubtedly the organ that is associated with love as I just said, affection and also the heart can be expressed in many ways to show the feeling of love in its different variants, for example:

Free love: heart with wings
Unrequited love broken heart
Love that hurts: heart with knives, thorns, nails or any sharp object that makes you bleed
Love to music: heart filled with musical notes
True love: two intertwined hearts, one heart with the name of the loved one, etc.
Protected love: a heart with a padlock and a key
And a long etc as long as feelings of love may have
Do you have any doubt that the heart is the symbol of love directly? Romantic heart tattoo can be located anywhere on the body, but they tend not to be very large or if you decide on a large heart you will look for a wide body area to tattoo it and ways to decorate it.

Both a simple heart and a simple design that a tattoo with a more sophisticated design can be a romantic heart tattoo. Then I show you a gallery of images so you can inspire yourself in case you want to tattoo a heart.

Pictures of heart tattoo


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