Sagittarius tattoo, symbolic of the astrological sign of sagittarius

The astrological sign of sagittarius (from November 23 to December 21), linked to the planet Jupiter and represented by the symbol of the archer is linked to ambition and adventure in the search for an ideal, to the satisfaction of ‘a quest. The symbol representing sagittarius is an arrow, the arrow of an archer stuck in a bandaged arc, ready to fire, the bar crossing the line of the arrow at its base represents the body of the arcaded centaur, creature chimera mi -cheval at the level of the body and half-man at the level of the bust and the upper body.

The centaur archer is the traditional representation of sagittarius. The arrow of sagittarius represents the goal to be reached, after which it runs. An autumnal sign linked to the element of fire, sagittarius is thus represented at once by a very simple motif, the arrow, but also by a very sophisticated creature of Greek mytholog.

Sagittarius tattoo meaning

Sagittarius is an astrological sign related to the search for balance in wisdom and spirituality. To choose a tattoo motif linked to the sign of sagittarius is to accept a certain detachment, a withdrawal on oneself and on the goals pursued in his life. The aspiration for the journey of Sagittarius, his curiosity for exoticism and foreignness, make him a sign that unites the forces of mind and body with the association of the very strong spiritual and religious aspirations represented by the bow And its arrow pointing towards the sky and the body of the horse, animal symbolically inked to the ground.

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To choose a sagittarius tattoo motif to symbolize its belonging to the sign to the archer is not insignificant: it signifies the need for the characteristic surpassing of this sign, of which spiritual elevation and open-mindedness, A certain conformism far removed from the domain of tattooing. To be tattooed sagittarius is a sign of tolerance exceeding the respect of the laws and rules to which the sagittarius is very attached.

In a Sagittarius tattoo, the most important is the choice of representation: soft and discreet with a simple arrow, which can be suitable for a very clean tattoo and a small size. It is a choice that will suit rather women because it corresponds better to the discrete body areas such as the neck, the inside of the wrist or the back of the ear for example. The arrow is a traditionally masculine pattern, softened by the bar forming a cross at its base, the cross being more a symbol of femininity.

The tattoo of the sign of the sagittarius respecting the symbol of the zodiac is therefore the ideal tattoo motif to symbolize the union, the symbiosis and the synthesis of both universes and of both sexes. Small Sagittarius tattoo design ideal for a man’s torso, lower back or shoulder, so the arrow is universally an easy choice to make. Its fault, however, is that it is difficult to associate with the astral sign of sagittarius for the general public. On the other hand, opting for a horse-man tattoo motif is a direct and ambitious choice. Its aspect is directly associated with Greek mythology and antiquity. It is therefore arduous to make it modern and design.

Sagittarius in the form of the centaur is a rather traditional and fixed choice of tattoo, to which one must give movement to make it more alive and avoid the “statufie” effect. The top: A shifted and modernized representation, either in the form of a stylish tribal or in a destructured old school form. Failure to respect the classic form of the centaur is a guarantee for an original tattoo

Sagittarius is an astral sign linked to a quest for inner wisdom. Through travel, sociability, exchange and travel, the native of sagittarius pursues his goal of perfection. This brings him discoveries, experiences, philosophy and optimism, but can also give him a haughty, dissatisfied and arrogant character.

It is attributed to him a symbolism of wisdom and intelligence, which is generally displayed in a characteristic fiery and conformist at the same time, susceptible and diplomatic, very sociable and open to the world by being sometimes unfaithful in friendship as in love when things do not Go for the best. His unconditional optimism can sometimes blind him and push him to rely on his chance to compensate for a certain irresponsibility. He is an impulsive being who rejects routine and is attached to his freedom of movement, which enables him to achieve his goals and harmony.

Ninth sign of the zodiac, sagittarius is impatient and generous, full of audacity and frankness, which feeds great ambition for himself in his intellectual, spiritual or professional quest. Susceptible, it does not bear criticism from outside, being itself perpetually doubtful as to its qualities, yet intellectually and philosophically very developed. In search of answers to his questions, he can sometimes neglect others despite great qualities of diplomacy and a highly appreciated adaptation in all circumstances in society

Compatibility of the sign of Sagittarius: Libra, Aries, Lion and Aquarius
Incompatibility: Fish, Capricorn, Scorpio, Virgo, Cancer and Taurus
Stone: Topaz
Color: red and purple
Planet: Jupiter
Some stars and celebrities with Sagittarius sign for the zodiac: Ludwig van Beethoven, Franck Sinatra, Jane Fonda, Jim Morrison, Walt Disney, Bruce Lee, Steven Spielberg, Dalai Lama, Bourvil