Samurai Tattoos, Designs and Meaning

Do you like Samurai tattoos? Undoubtedly, it is one of the great symbols of all time. Among the special designs we can find, their meanings also have a great beauty. A world, a vision and a tradition that today we are going to discover between these lines.

We can say that the Samurai tattoos arrive with the great inspiration of the aristocrats of the time. These were the guards and also, military leaders. Most of them were warriors and that is why they are usually represented with their armor and weapons. Although not all of them were dedicated to fight. Find out !.

Samurai tattoos, its general meaning

When it comes to thinking about the meaning of Samurai tattoos, we can say that it was male bravery. In addition to it, it also has the meaning of honor as well as justice. It is one of the highest symbols found within the Japanese hierarchy.

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It is said that the Samurai have to follow a specific code that directs their behavior. This one is named Bushido. It comes to say something like the way of the warrior. This road has solid foundations that have to be respected rajatabla. Within these bases we find the courage, respect and loyalty that will always be until death. Undoubtedly, in order to fulfill all these objectives, the Samurai was also forced to carry out a sacrificial conduct.

Meaning of Cherry Blossom in Samurai Tattoos

We already know what the Samurai tattoo means. Of course within the tattoos, we know that we can find with designs of the most varied. So if you have seen one that attracts your attention, it is not too much to know its symbolism. That is why within these types of tattoos, we find a detail that is repeated a lot.

The cherry blossom is one of the finishes we have seen on many occasions. Maybe we did not fully understand its meaning, but it does. First of all, it is necessary to say that if you see how the flower rises with the protagonism, is that you will see a delicate tattoo and with romantic touches. Although undoubtedly, the value will always be reflected in each and every one of the designs. The flower represents the soldiers and many images have this symbolism.

Above all, when each of them died in the struggle, they were represented with a design of cherry blossoms. It comes to say that it is a fragile beauty but with a spirit more than victorious. In addition, we can also see in it the fragility, not only of the warrior or human, but of life in general. A way of thinking that death can appear at any moment and it is time to enjoy to the maximum the one before us.

Samurai Tattoos Design

There are many designs that we can find. On the one hand, there are some that show the entire body of the warrior. In others, his face or his struggle in battle. Whichever one you have chosen, one of the key pieces in all designs is the look, their weapons and armor.

The same design, as we see in the image, can lead to wide variations. In this way, it is an ideal way to customize the one you like best. They lived day to day, aware that death could hit their heels. So, to face him they always carried their sword. It is one of the great symbols of the Samurai.

The name he received was that of Katana. At the time of using it, the warrior had to hold it with both hands. If the weapon is one of the bases, the armor is not left behind. This could be made of iron or leather. In addition, it was adorned with symbols where the moon or the sun were very frequent. After knowing all these details about Samurai tattoos, would you choose a Samurai tattoo?