Scorpio tattoo – astrological and symbolic sign of the scorpion

The astrological sign of the Scorpion (from October 23 to November 22), linked to the planet Pluto, is represented by a symbol very similar to that of the virgin: the letter M, except that the sign symbolizing the scorpion has the last leg Which rises upwards and ends with an arrow. The constellation of the scorpion and that of the virgin are indeed very extensive, similar and easy to distinguish in the sky. The symbolism of this letter M signifies several things: the masculinity of the sign, with the arrow similar to that of the male symbol of the round with the arrow going upwards, but also the dart of the scorpion rising towards the sky. The symbolism of the scorpion is related to man’s primary sexual instinct, his relationship with death, aggression, domination and spontaneity, and are part of a globally unruly and rebellious characterology.

Scorpio tattoo symbol

The scorpion is a very confrontational and instinctive astrological sign: the very strong personality of the natives of the scorpion make this astral sign a perfect subject for a tattoo. Autumn sign linked to the element of water, the Scorpion has a symbolic globally linked, as an animal, to the transformation that represents death: the destruction and the putrefaction of the flesh, the scorpion was bound in the Ancient Egypt to the funerary rites, but also to the regeneration and the power of healing. Scorpio is a symbol strongly linked to medicine, from which comes the nature of its symbol of the letter M. Choosing a scorpio tattoo motif is an easy task as the various representations of the animal or these symbols have a Graphic power that works on the skin.

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To be tattooed a scorpion is an act generally linked to an astrological and cosmic belonging as much the symbolism of the scorpion is rich and connected to symbols little positive. On the other hand, the choice of a scorpio tattoo is very often linked to a will to affirm a character considered close to the astral characterization of the scorpion. The rebellious and revolted side is also in total adequacy with the controversial and partially mutilating practice of tattooing, based on a reconstitution of the skin around a pattern requiring a temporary destruction of the skin

For a scorpion tattoo, all or almost all options are possible. Women will usually choose it as the M symbol of the scorpion, discreetly tattooed behind the neck, on the shoulder or inside the wrist. It will generally be chosen in the form of a small tattoo of letter M, sometimes in italic manuscript or in calligraphy, in Roman letters … Girls wanting a tattoo more telling (the symbol of the scorpion is misunderstood by the general public and can be confused With that of the virgin), may prefer a more realistic representation: the most feminine version of a realistic scorpio tattoo usually has features slightly softened with reality, highlighting its curves more than the dart or The paws.

It will be perfectly adapted to a tattoo on the calf and the ankle, even on the foot, due to its curved shapes. It can also be found at the top or bottom of the back. For scorpion men, the animal has characteristics perfectly adapted to tattooing.

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The top: The tribal scorpion tattoo stylized, the old school version is more rare than for the snake for example. But the most original scorpio tattoo remains morbid in black and gray-gray, the scorpion lending itself perfectly to style, be it at the level of symbolism linked to death and destruction, but also by its physical traits : Eyes can be multiplied, legs and sticky carcass, carapace carved for combat, turgescent stinger erected as a threat. The tattoo scorpion can have a very aggressive and very masculine rendering, which makes it particularly popular with fans of the genre having rather cold eyes to make the choice of a tattoo gore.

The scorpion is a character full of reflection, who knows how to master his instincts, whether voluntary or not. This is the sign of controlled drives. The native of the scorpion generally has the reputation of being undisciplined, little ordered, authoritarian. It is attributed an explosive character, intense sexual and violent impulses that it has the more or less developed ability to control. The violence and strength of the scorpion lies in its heart, like a smoldering fire. This bubble of protection and controlled desires can generate a secret personality, revolted, voluntary and passionate, but also anguished, sadistic and perverse, even neurotic.

A sign symbolizing fertility and transformation, the scorpion is also a person who loves to please and possesses a great creative force. Eighth sign of the zodiac, the scorpion is linked to the symbolism of death by its autumnal period. Behind this symbolism which can provoke personalities tormented by the idea of ??death and the changes of time, which entails provocation, disobedience, attraction for danger and scandal. The requirement of the native of the scorpion also refers to itself and brings a great strength of character, even in adversity. The scorpion is a dominator hard to master, who will take advantage of the slightest weakness to crush the people he considers weaker. He is also a reliable and loyal person, kind and generous as long as mutual trust is respected: he is a jealous and obsessive being who rarely knows half the measure

Compatibility of the sign of the scorpion: Taurus, Pisces, Cancer
Incompatibility: Lion, Aquarius
Stone: Topaz
Color: black and red
Planet: Pluto
A few stars and celebrities with the scorpion sign of the zodiac: Marie Antoinette, Marie Curie, Voltaire, André Malraux, Martin Luther King, Theodore Roosevelt, Bill Gates, Demi Moore, Amanda Lear, Pablo Picasso, Prince Charles, Gandhi, Sophie Marceau , Julia Roberts, Virginie Ledoyen …