Seashell tattoo and their meaning

Seashell tattoo. Strolling on the beach on one of the last days of summer while the sea breeze and the last rays of the day sun caress our skin, Such a relaxing image has come to mind. When we walk along the beach, one of the elements that most often act of presence are the shells of the different crustaceans that inhabit the coast in which we are. Within the types of tattoos that refer to the sea and the beach, seashell tattoo is one of the most interesting.

A tattoo especially popular with girls and has a meaning as well as symbolism that not many know. Those women who have a special relationship with the sea or coast, decide to mold this tattoo on their skin as a small tribute for their passion for everything that represents the beach for them. But, as I say, seashell tattoo have a very interesting meaning.

Seashell tattoo symbolism

Within the dream world seashells are interpreted as physical, mental and emotional protection. And is that, no one has no doubt that these invertebrates use their strong shell to protect themselves from predators. To this must be added the fact that it has a certain symbolism related to healing. They also have some character associated with intuition, sensitivity and imagination.

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It is evident that the seashells are gentle and messengers. Have you ever tried to listen to the sound that emanates from the interior of a conca sea? Try it and you will see the curious sound that emanates from inside. To many of us children we have been told the phrase that “one can hear the sea” approaching to the ear an empty shell. Although we are thousands of miles from the coast.

On the other hand, and if we consider the cultural value of sea shells, since ancient times it has been used as a symbol to represent the richness of the Polynesian culture. The shell of the shell is revered by the culture as an important tool to play the trumpet in significant events.

Pictures of Seashell Tattoo