Skeleton Tattoos: Styles and Galleries

One of the most popular tattoos is the skeleton. Depending on the motive, it can mean several things depending on the people who want to have it, but death and mortality are the most common symbols. Other enthusiastic tattoos interpret the skeletons as a symbol of protection, past lives or reincarnation, power, brute strength, surpassing difficult times, or a second life on earth.

In fact, former widowers would tell you that tattoos mean “great luck” in life or anything that is considered a transformation experience. People in general see skeletons as something gothic, black and bizarre. It has become synonymous with the devil. But this kind of connotation only suggests that skeletons are for people who can show off for this meaning; That they are as strong as death to simply overcome a problem in life, for example.

And for those people who prefer to have a skeleton tattoos on their bodies, they have a reason behind. So if you are thinking of making one, it would be nice also to find a good reason to do so to feel passionate about having a skeletal tattoo on the body.

Different Types of Skeleton Tattoos

This tattoo pattern is inspired by the day of death in Mexico. It is similar to all other days of the soul of different cultures and is celebrated every year on November 1st and 2nd. The nice skeleton tattoo is usually drawn with caracas or masks and smiling skeletons.

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In Mexican culture, some people have this kind of skeleton tattoos in order to celebrate the Day of the Dead but also to express their sympathy for the death and the family that left.

Tattoos of female skeletons

This is becoming more and more popular and women want more and more a female skeleton tattoo. It can be drawn as a demonic spirit but with added details that gives it a feminine look, such as ribbons, pink and purple colors, heart symbols for the eyes instead of using sanctified holes. Also, female skeleton tattoos attempt to have softer edges compared to the masculine ones that have rougher edges.

Traditional skeletal tattoos

These are the so-called grounds of the old school that were so popular formerly. And because it is a basic tattoo, many tattoo artists are experts in this genre on the skin. In fact, some of them are specialized in old school tattoos. This type of tattoo is often characterized by its black and thick contours.

Tattoos of decorated skeletons

It appears as colorful as a rainbow. Tattoos today are decorated with different symbols and things that are relevant in the life experiences of people who want to have it. So the significance of a decorated skeleton tattoo will vary depending on a detail that could influence more than another, but if the details are seen in a general interpretation, a decorated skeleton tattoo surrounded by flowers can mean ” infinite.



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