Skull Rose Tattoo Motif

We enjoy showing new design and motifs that stand out for their originality; I never cease to amaze myself with the inexhaustible amount of tattoos that it is possible to design. Still, we love to devote time and space to those classic designs. For example, skull rose tattoo.

Skull rose tattoo design

Perhaps the tattoos of single skulls are much more classic than those of skulls combined with roses. However, of all the reasons that are generally combined with these skulls (crosses, swords, snakes, etc.), roses have been, in my opinion, the most popular and popular in the last time. I’m sure the meaning of this interesting tattoo has a lot to do with it.

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Skull designs are generally chosen by men, while rose tattoos are a favorite of women. But when these two motifs are combined, there is no genre that can be identified more with that design, since both choose it equally. And in that is reflected part of what I would call “the magic” of skull rose tattoo: the opposites that come together to form a single thing.

For many, skull and crossbones tattoos represent death and love, which may sound rather obvious. However, there are those who go a little further. For example, some claim that the designs of skulls combined with roses represent the eternal struggle between the material and the natural. Others say that they symbolize the battle of life against death or that of beauty against the passage of time.

No doubt it is a powerful design that you will give the final meaning, in case you choose it to capture it on your skin. Maybe what happens to many: the designs of skull rose tattoo are just great and you think they look fantastic on your body. Any reason is valid to become a tattoo!

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Images of skull rose tattoos are fantastic, but why not send yours?.