Snowflake tattoo – Christmas is here

Recently my partner Maria Jose showed us an interesting compilation of Christmas tattoos. And is that, just go for a walk in any city or town to realize that the holiday season are already here. On this occasion, I would like to share with all of you another type of tattoo that we can also define as Christmas as well as winter. The Snowflake tattoos are much more than they can seem with the naked eye.

Snowflake tattoo character

And is that, one of the main assets that have the Snowflake tattoo is that you can play with the shape of them. No two snowflakes are alike! It is by that quality that characterizes them and are used to represent the unique. A type of tattoo that can be used to show the whole world that we are unique people with a personality differentiated from the rest.

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On the other hand, snowflake tattoo designs may seem simple or simple to perform. Nothing is further from the reality, since tattooers must reflect on the skin of their clients a unique and unrepeatable design. In addition, these tattoos, for the most part, are characterized by having a clean and very fine design. While we can also find other types of more realistic and elaborate snowflake tattoos.

As for the area of ??the body where we can make this type of Snowflake tattoo, as you can see in the gallery below, depending on the size and elaboration of the tattoo itself can vary the place. The wrist, neck or foot can be a good place to get this tattoo.

Pictures of Snowflake tattoo


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