Sun tattoo – A very symbolic tattoo

Are you looking for some ideas to help you with your sun tattoo? Well, you came to the right place. The sun is an extremely powerful symbol. This star has been adored by all humanity, throughout the existence of our species and that is why it has as many interpretations as you can imagine.

Adored by many, feared by many others, the Sun is a strong symbol for all civilizations. And it has many different meanings, being more than ideal for tattoos. Let’s briefly analyze this symbolism and enjoy a good gallery of tattoos of the Sun.

The meaning of the Sun tattoo

Some interpret the Sun as a symbol of fertility (gives life to plants as many life forms) and in many societies, the Sun is the deity to which they pray for crops to be good. But the Sun is also a symbol of authority, royalty and high hierarchy, being used by many religious leaders.

Formerly, all religious buildings had a circular shape in honor of the Sun. People who tattoo themselves to the Sun can also do so as a symbol of immortality and reincarnation, since the Sun is hidden and reborn every day.

Although these tattoos are also very chosen for those people who enrich their energy with others. Artistically, it is a design that admits many possibilities, from tribal designs to some more fanciful designs.

We have talked about the tattoos of Sun and Moon before, but we can see that the meaning is totally different in the case of the sun accompanied in the case of the Sun tattoo alone (although it can also be said that the sun accompanied by the moon acquires a meaning more sexual, connoting the union between female and male).

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Photo of the Sun tattoo

While it is not a very original tattoo design, we must recognize that the sun tattoo is a very versatile tattoo and that allows to make very varied designs, besides being very powerful. Now that we know all these symbolic aspects and the meaning of the tattoos of the Sun, there is nothing left but to see some good examples, right?

Enjoy this gallery that I have prepared for you, with select photos of tattoos of the Sun. Of course, do not forget to enlarge the thumbnails!.