Sun Tattoos – A Symbol of Fertility and Authority

The Sun has been an important symbol of power since antiquity. And is that the star king of our solar system gives us life (and can also remove it). There are many people who see our star as a perfect symbol to put it on their skin and that is why today, I would like to talk about the Sun tattoos. Adored by humanity since time immemorial, there are still many cultures today that direct their prayers To him every day.

At a symbolic and meaningful level, we see that the Sun has a strong symbol for all civilizations that have passed through the earth throughout history. Today we will delve into its meaning while we have also collected an important variety of sun tattoos so you can take ideas in case you are interested in getting this type of tattoo. A tattoo that gives a lot of play when it comes to tattooing.

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Meaning of the Sun tattoos

The Sun has a multitude of meanings for the various cultures that have worshiped it throughout history. On the one hand, we can say that it is a symbol of fertility because, thanks to its light and heat, life can develop on earth. On the other hand, it is also a symbol of authority, royalty and high hierarchy. The Sun has been used by numerous kings and hierarchs throughout history.

In ancient times, all religious constructions had a circular shape, a way of venerating the Sun. Many people who decide to tattoo a sun are because they want to translate into their skin a symbol of immortality and reincarnation. And is that, the Sun is hidden and reappears every day. An act that symbolizes birth and death.

A combination of Sun tattoos and Moon tattoo

If you do a quick search for the network of sun tattoos, you will see that many people choose to tattoo a combination between the Sun and the Moon. This type of tattoo combining both objects takes on a totally different symbology. And is that when the sun is accompanied by the moon, the tattoo acquires a meaning with a sexual connotation as it is associated with the union between man and woman.

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Photos of Sun tattoos


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