Surrealist tattoos: from Breton and Dali to Paul Booth

Surrealism is one of the most important artistic movements in the history of art. From the works of Breton or the unmistakable paintings of Dali to our contemporary the tattoo artist Paul Booth, surrealistic designs still continue, in this case in tattoos.

To get to know some of the different and most important aspects of Surrealist art, today at we invite you to get to know some of the best and most original Surrealist tattoos.

Surreal tattoosWhat is surrealism?

Obviously we will not stop at such a broad topic since we will devote ourselves to seeing surrealist tattoos, but in general terms, surrealism is an artistic movement that was born in the 1920s and whose forerunner was the French poet Andre Breton.

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In full development of the avant-garde and with Dadaism as its immediate precursor, surrealism emerged as the art of the irrational and the unconscious. Surrealist works seek the liberation of the individual in a very particular way, have a revolutionary character and could be said to be strongly related to the world of the unconscious, dreams, the occult, desires and everything that is related there.

With the fundamental influence of some theories of Freud and Alfred Jarry, surrealism in the arts presents different variants but share certain characteristics that we will know next.

Art and surreal painting

Surrealism used some of the photographic and cinematographic techniques of Dadaism, of the own creation of different elements and collage techniques, among others.

The oneiric question was present in many works (especially Dalí’s), the fantastic elements, the landscapes that went beyond reality, the senses, the forms and everything that could emerge deep within the The imagination of these artists floated in majestic works of art.

The art of surrealism had its apogee near the year 1940 but after the second world war it enters decay, its most emblematic artists exile and the current ends up stagnating.

Surreal tattoos

Salvador Dalí is perhaps the most important and remembered in surrealist painting and many of his works are those that we can see today in tattoos.

Surrealist tattoos frequently appear in reproductions of paintings, cinematographic scenes and photographs of surrealist art, but above all, as we said, by Dalí. Both portraits of the painter that show him as he was in life or portraits that include modifications according to his style in the painting and his paintings are the most popular Surrealist tattoos.

Here we can see some of the best and most popular surrealistic tattoos.

Surreal tattoos by Paul Booth

Currently the American artist Paul Booth, one of the best tattooists in the world, with his dark and twisted style uses many elements of surrealism both in his designs and in his work in painting and drawing.

The tattoos of Paul Booth are characterized by the inclusion of creatures product of a wide and dark imagination that with no or with very few limits have a deep air of surrealistic cut.

What do you think of this type of art? Would you like to tattoo something in this style? Do you already have a surreal tattoo?.