Symbolic of the butterfly tattoo

The butterfly tattoo is usually associated with a symbolism of refined beauty, grace and romance, fragility with a notion of ephemeral, which are essentially feminine themes. It is also attributed the symbolism of the metamorphosis, the rebirth, after a phase of reconstruction. The chrysalis corresponding to a transformative experience in life. Like most winged creatures, the butterfly represents freedom. It is also a soul transporter, especially in Japanese mythology. One often finds this symbolism of the butterfly representing the life after death in Shonen mangas (like Bleach for example) or in the shojo destined for the adolescent ones for which it symbolizes the transition to the adult age.

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The most classic symbol is the passage from the terrestrial state of the caterpillar to the aerial state of a creature flying in the skies. This metamorphosis is accompanied by an embellishment, a transition to a higher level that reflects well on death at the metaphorical level in many cultures. This elevation can also be spiritual, as for the Tibetan monks.

The butterfly is a symbol of ephemerality and superficiality, it represents what does not last because of its short life span and its nature of foraging nectar from flower to flower. It is from this image that comes the term “butterfly”.

The fragility of the wings of the butterfly, which are covered with a thin layer of powder, helps to give the butterfly an image of feminine fragility, grace and beauty. It is also a symbol of the fragility of the human being in relation to the forces of nature. In parallel, the butterfly effect, an aspect of the theory of chaos, shows that a simple flutter of butterfly wings can cause a hurricane at the other end of the world by a chain of tiny facts.

There are traces of the butterfly in civilizations all over the world: symbol of the immortality of the soul in ancient Greece (Aristotle calls it “Psyche”), a sign of protection in the passage to the beyond for the Romans, It is very present in the mythological representations of the Aztec divinities, for which butterflies are the souls of warriors returning to earth after death in battle, as well as among the Navajo Indians for whom the ability of the caterpillar to change state makes it Sacred. In 17th century Ireland, it was forbidden to kill butterflies that were considered the souls of deceased children. In Asia, releasing butterflies is a common occurrence during festivities.

The lepidoptera (Lepidoptera is the scientific name of the butterfly) is an insect of multiple forms composed of many families: Choosing a model of butterfly tattoo can be done in all types of colors: one finds, for the best known, names Butterfly as: the Monarch butterfly, the sphinx skull, the Great Negro of the Woods, the Andromachus, the Isabella of Europe, the Alchemist, the Indian Moon Butterfly, the Great Agarist, the Little Turtle, the Hachette , Pearly Agraulis, Arctic Blue, Azure of the Soldiers, Belle de Jour, Zodiac, Amythaon, Peppered Hesperie, Dalman Tiger, Pyramid of Guenea, White Peacock, Polyphemus America, the phantom Apantesis, the small and the great changing March, the Danian Mars, the Orange Albatross, the Archon, the Atlas, the Admiral, the Amaryllis, the Vagabond, the Glory of the Bhutan, the Bombyx of the mulberry tree, the emperor, as well as thousands of other species …

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