Symbology of the heart tattoos

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of heart tattoos is that it means love, and while it is true, this image can also be used to represent other meanings in a tattoo. If you want to know the other characteristics that represent the hearts, I invite you to continue reading the symbology of the heart tattoos.

As we have said on several occasions, tattoos can have two main meanings; What the figure represents in itself for society and the personal thoughts of who is tattooed. That is why it is very important to know what is the meaning that can be inferred from a tattoo so that it goes according to what you need.

Symbology of the heart tattoos

Throughout history you have been given several meanings to the image of a heart, aisism, the elements that surround it can give you a different vision of what you want to represent.

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Since ancient times, hearts have been symbols of love, romance and relationships; Likewise, desirable characteristics such as joy, compassion and charity, among others, can be represented with this image.

Taking into account a more spiritual meaning, we can refer to the image of the Sacred Heart of Christ, which implies a symbol of God’s love.

Heart tattoos can come in multiple designs, in which they can be alone or surrounded by other elements; Today we will show you the most comuens and what is their meaning.

Broken heart:
The broken heart is the universal symbol of failed relationships, but it may also reflect a tribute to a deceased loved one or a person’s lack of love for us.

Heart with wings:
If you want to represent your free spirit through a tattoo, a heart with wings is an ideal choice.

Heart with phrases:
Usually hearts with phrases refer to love, although depending on your tastes you can adapt it; Another type of heart tattoos are those in which the names or initials of the couple are intertwined.

Heart with daggers:
When we find a design of a heart with daggers as a complement, the first thing that comes to mind is bravery, which is why it is one of the favorite tattoos for soldiers; On the other hand, if the heart is crossed by an object (daggers, swords, arrows, etc.) the meaning changes completely because the sadness is represented by a love that is or is not reciprocated.

Bleeding charge:
A heart that is bleeding generally represents a lost love, but – depending on the type of drawing – it can also symbolize the constant flow of life.

Do you like heart tattoos? And those of realistic hearts, what do you think?