Tattoo glitter: the temporary rhinestone tattoo

The fashion of the tattoo drains many variants in the field of the temporary tattoo, which allow the fashion addicts to touch the finger the world of the tattoo without committing to life with a real inking in needle. The Tattoo glitter is indeed more and more in vogue, especially in a brilliant and flashy form: the fleeting ephemeral tattoo.

Tattoo glitter advantages

The sequined tattoo has many advantages for lovers of fashion ephemera: it allows a wide choice of patterns and colors, usually does not cost very expensive, it is easy and quick to remove, yet still have a good length Life if taken care of. The rhinestone tattoo, affixed directly to the skin through the application of special cosmetic adhesives, which are in beauty institutes and well be serious cosmetic adhesives without latex and water-resistant.

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Unlike henna tattoo for example, the sequined tattoo is not messy, and one does not risk destroying his clothes when laying. It also has absolutely no danger: true body jewelry, it can be affixed to all the most popular and most beautiful places of the body for a temporary tattoo or not: the nape, the face, the hands, the feet , Ankles, shoulders, lower back, arms and wrists, around the navel …

The lifetime of a Tattoo glitter in flakes is a few days, 3 to 6 at the most, depending on various criteria such as the level of sweat and acidity of the skin, the frequency of exposure to water , The location of the body on which it is affixed. It is generally advisable to avoid rubbing (bath towel, clothing too close to the body), as well as to expose them to heat (sun but also hot water) so as not to see them take off more quickly than expected.

The prices of a sequined tattoo vary from one salon to another: it can be done by beauticians who have undergone training in special tattoo glitter, as well as in nail shops and henna specialists, but also under conditions More rock n ‘roll. A reasonable price range for a temporary tattoo of this type would be 15 to 50 euros depending on the size and complexity of the pattern.

Besides the traditional wedding ornaments that take inspiration from the traditional Arabic motifs, kabylesou Berbers for henna tattoo, the sequined powder tattoo can also represent many types of patterns, like a real tattoo: Chinese or Japanese motifs, hearts, flowers and other old school motifs, dragons, fairies, lizards, birds, butterflies and other various animals, stars, astrological or mystical symbols like yin yang, tribal tattoo …


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