Tattoo of Gemini and symbolic of the astrological sign of Gemini

The astrological sign of Gemini (from May 21 to June 21), linked to the planet Mercury, to the spring season and represented by the symbol II is related to traits of characters such as instability, multiplicity, duality, ambivalence. The symbol representing

is the Roman numeral 2 and represents two twin stars, Castor and Pollux, which are located at the level of the cosmic map in the constellation of gemini. This duality, representing two identical beings with paradoxical characters, is found largely in the personality generally attributed to the natives of the Tattoo of Gemini.

Tattoo of gemini represent

The sign of the gemini represents at the same time the change, the instinct and the movement. Choosing to ink on his skin his belonging to this sign by a tattoo of gemini or the Roman figure that represents it often means the assumption of a certain duality. Indeed, the symbolism of a tattoo of twins or two different faces is often representative of an ambivalence. One finds this symbolic in tattoos of gangsters like the famous duet of masks “smile now cry later” carried by several players nba in their tattoos, like Carmelo Anthony for example.

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The two faces are much more than the Roman numeral, the most common tattoo motif to symbolize the sign of gemini. To be tattooed two faces is therefore often a symbol of this mobility, this capacity of mutation proper to gemini. A tattoo of twinned characters can also mean a certain androgyny, an emotional instability or a personality in search of new experiences.

In a tattoo of gemini, it is particularly difficult to find an original pattern that fits well to a specific body part. By definition, a sign symbolizing duality will be represented in a non-symmetrical way. Several kinds of tattoos are possible: writing with a Roman numeral II on the inside of the wrist or behind the neck is the most discreet choice of pattern. For a more realistic and meaningful tattoo, the choice to be tattooed two faces with two slightly different expressions is to be preferred.

It is generally preferred to choose a pattern of medium size, neither too large (not very harmonious with the lines of the body) nor too small (not very visible in the shade). The ideal place could be the upper back, preferring to the lower back more suited to patterns in width The top: a tattoo of two faces back to back, with a similar expression but with some significant differences although not very visible in the First glance: the symbolism of gemini does not necessarily mean a side “schizophrenic angel and demon”, but rather a deeper duality, in partial contradiction but not necessarily an opposition, rather two complementary forces, like the yin And yang, a symbol of duality often used in tattooing. At the level of the style, the most suitable is the realistic or semi-realistic style, although one can also stylize this type of patterns in tribal or old school version for example.

Gemini is a personality with primal instinct very developed, much like the ram. Unlike him, he does not go straight into the obstacle, but rather goes around it by cunning, thanks to an intelligence superiorly developed, or by argumentation, thanks to a strong power of persuasion and great abilities in communication And diplomacy. The native of the sign of the gemini also tends to use his capacity to serve his goals as a priority, without giving any real importance to the means used for this. Gemini is generally attributed a certain nervousness, of the mind and the bagout, as well as a great instability, amorous as professional.

Characterology is that of personalities touching everything, seeking new experiences and often pursuing several, sometimes contradictory, goals at the same time. It is an astrological sign strongly linked to a notion of instability, always seeking the novelty and the intellectual challenge, without however going to the end of things and reaching to finish the spots initiated, because of a superficiality and of a superficiality, An inconstancy making it difficult to define. Third sign of the zodiac, gemini have great ability to adapt to the professional and social situations they encounter, and their ability to multiply themselves in the care of the tasks entrusted to them

Love Compatibility of the sign of Gemini: Aquarius, Lion, Aries, Libra, Sagittarius
Incompatibility: Virgo, Pisces
Pierre: Agathe
Color: Gray, turquoise blue
Planet: Mercury
Johnny Depp, Marilyn Monroe, Bob Dylan, Naomi Campbell, Clint Eastwood, John Dujardin, Angelina Jolie, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Miles Davis, Paul McCartney