Tattoo watches with names

When you decide to Tattoo watches or several clocks on your skin, it is clear that the passage of time has a very important meaning for you. The clock is the invention of man that allows us to understand not only the passage of hours, but the cycles of time in all its fullness. There are many designs of watches tattoos that you can contemplate to make in your skin, worse is a decision of the most personal.

Tattoo watches design

For example, you can Tattoo watches in digital format that indicates an hour that is important to you, a lifetime clock, an abstract clock, a creative clock, a pocket watch … any design is ideal for both men and For women, but the design you choose will have to be very important for you and you feel identified.

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Latest watches

The details in the design of the Tattoo watches can be very varied and you will be able to choose large amount of details (small and big), to use sombrado or to make a design more or less great. All of this will depend on your personal tastes and what exactly you want to achieve with the tattoo design.

Tattoos watches names abstract

But what happens when the tattoo is accompanied by one or more names? That then the symbolism can grow enormously. When a watch is accompanied by the name of a person, of several or with a phrase or words that mean a lot to you, its meaning can become much deeper.

Tattoos watches watches

In this sense, for example, if you want to capture in your skin that you will love a person no matter the time that passes you can get a tattoo with a watch. Or maybe if you want to reflect that you will always remember the first love of your life regardless of the passage of time, a name-branded tattoo is also a good idea. What is your perfect tattoo idea considering what I just said?

Note: The cover image is not a watch what is underneath each owl, but it is a good idea for a design of clocks with names.