Tattoos of hearts with wings desain

Tattoos of hearts with wings? Very original, I know (sarcasm). And it is not that it has something against the hearts, or the wings (or both), it is simply complicated to make tattoos of hearts with wings.

To many people (including) tattoos of hearts with wings we find something tedious, unoriginal or even in bad taste. In short, all opinions are acceptable. But it is important that you can have something for the rest of your life, do not regret it two weeks, 5 months or a year later. You must be sure of what you want and why you want it.

Tattoos of hearts with wings reason

In the case of tattoos of hearts with wings, considered zero necessary to put the name of someone. Why? Two reasons:

One: it is enough original little the tattoo of heart with wings (if it has the original tattoo does not have an original design).

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Two: yes Maria, Carmen, Roberto or what’s called your partner ends up with you, separates from you or divorces because … he heard that laser tattooing is expensive.

But if you want something to interest you, I also recommend that you design your own tattoo or look for something original, something that does not look like anything on the street, something that distinguishes you.

If the search is not your thing, here are some original designs that interest you to create yours, or modify or combine these (or even copy them if you prefer: it’s your decision).

Some more extravagant than others, it depends on the personality of the one who has it and the meaning of it.