Tattoos on the fingers – more than a sign of identity

Too? Go a step further? It is clear that those who decide to get a tattoo on the fingers is because they already have a more than enough experience in this world. I have several and although in his day many people told me that, in their opinions, they are very reluctant to tattoo this part of the body because it is very difficult to hide them. I see it in a much deeper way.

If I have decided to get a Tattoos on the fingers it is more a sign of identity, in addition to transmit some things that have marked much of my life. For many years now, the cliché behind the fact that only gang members or bad people get tattoos on the fingers has been left behind. It is not the first time in Macyte.com we talk about tattoos on the fingers. However, I found it interesting to do a small compilation of some examples.

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Tattoos on the fingers design

From small words like the recurring “Love” and “Hate”, there are many options when getting a tattoo on the fingers. We have from small designs of anchors, stars, diamonds or rays to other types of tattoos more minimalist or deeper meaning. Obviously, we can also find people who prefer to do the grace by tattooing a mustache on the side of one of the fingers.

In most cases these are clean designs since the area for tattooing is very limited. Even so, we can find authentic works of art in so little space.

Pictures of Tattoos on the finger