Tattoos on the wrist Ideas

The wrist is one of the most attractive areas to make a tattoo; In this article we will give you some tips and recommendations so that the tattoo that you are going to make on the wrist makes it fine.

Tattoos on the wrist are not the most common because they are on a very exposed area, usually people who get tattoo on the wrist have other tattoos elsewhere on the body.

Tattoos on the wrist for men

The tattoos on the wrist in men are generally circular, tribal in origin and with Egyptian or Hindu forms. The tattoo of the wrist is usually done on the lower area, otherwise it would still be visible and the inner area is nicer, erotic and sensitive.

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Tattoos on the wrist for women

In general, women are tattooed their first name, a symbol or an animal on the lower part of the wrist. Normally, wrist tattoos in girls are very subtle, small and delicate.

Tattoos on the wrist with a name

The idea of ??tattooing a name on the wrist is very romantic, you do not believe? Whatever name you write on your wrist, you’ll keep it there for life if that’s what you want. It will just be enough to lower a look a little and there will be the name of this person so special for you.

Most people choose to place their first name tattoo inside the wrist. As it is not so exposed to everyone, it also inspires a certain mystery and secrecy. However, in some cases, the typography chosen is difficult to adapt to the limited space of the wrist, sometimes the name is too long, so it is necessary to look for other alternatives.

 Temporary tattoos on the wrist

Temporary tattoos are normally henna and do not only occupy the wrist area, they usually go down to the hand. These are very spectacular tattoos, but they last very little time.