Tattoos Styles: Geometric Tattoos

We return to our series of articles in which we want to delve into and discuss the different styles of tattoos that exist today. Some of them have been among us for many years, while many others have been born relatively recently. Today we will talk about one of the styles of tattoos that are fashionable between hipster fashion and other subcultures and urban fashions. The geometric tattoos style.

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It is a style whose name says it all. Circles, squares, triangles and other geometric tattoos shapes have room for these types of tattoos. It is very common to find tattoos of animals whose form is elaborated from this type of forms. As we say, it is a style of tattoos that has become fashionable for relatively few years. And it is that it has different virtues.

On the one hand we have that is a minimalist character style in which there is only room for fine lines and clean in black. The color is rarely allowed, and most of times, it is due to a fusion with other styles of tattoos as we will comment later. We can not really say that the style of geometric tattoos have a definite origin, rather it has become popularized over the years. Especially since this type of simple, elegant and “clean” tattoos like I like to define, they are in fashion.

Geometric Tattoos: A style that can be fused with others

And that is one of the main virtues that we can give to the style of geometric tattoos. As you can see in the images (and in the gallery at the end of the article), it is a type of tattoo that can perfectly fuse with other styles. An interesting combination is to create a geometric design and subsequently give it a touch of color with the style of watercolor tattoo. We can also do the same by creating geometric shapes but by way of dotwork. Therefore, it would also look great with a touch of the dotwork tattoo style.