Templates for flower tattoos

For many flower tattoos are just an ornament, usually used on a woman because they look very feminine, but like everything else, flowers have their meanings in our Western culture or any other. Flowers, besides being a beautiful representation of nature, also symbolize the stages of life on this planet: birth, procreation and death, precisely because they live that whole process (with the included rebirth) in a period of time less than the humans.

Flower Tattoos Represent

Species of flowers are many and that gives a great range to the colors that can be used. In Asian culture is the lotus flower, very common among Japanese tattoos and in the West we have the common pink, both with a variety of colors (pink, red, white, yellow, blue) and with spiritual significance for many.

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Flowers not only have all the attributes, but also represent a purification, joy, innocence, serenity and nobility. That is why they are used both in marriages, as a sign of joy, and also to accompany those who die.

If you have decided to tattoo a flower, being a man or a woman, as always we want to help you with your search. We then leave you templates for flower tattoos so you can appreciate and consider including it as part of your new brand.

The first template is from a flower that is called “Flower of Fire”. Next to the representation of the flower, the fire usually means change, destruction or passion. I find the union of the cycle of life very interesting with the passion of doing it well as symbolism in this flower tattoos.

The following flower tattoos is a tattoo of an orchid. For the Greeks the name of this flower meant “testicles” and was a symbol of procreation and sexuality. Today we think orchids represent luxuries, love, strength and beauty.

The tattoos of roses are very popular because they are the best symbol to represent love. It can be used by women or men and have a decent enough variety of colors. Of course, the most popular are the red ones, but there are white ones that represent purity or the yellow ones that are a sign of friendship.

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The last template is my favorite flower: sakura, also called “cherry blossoms“. They are of Asian origin and are a metaphor for life. They symbolize the beauty and feminine sexuality in its maximum expression. These are if pink or sometimes lilac, and are almost never obtained from other colors.