The back tattoo ideas

It can be noted that the “back tattoo” attracts in general as much men as women. For you ladies, it is indeed an adornment that will allow you according to the motive chosen, to associate a sexy touch to your fall of kidney.

As for you gentlemen, a pattern on the back helps to affirm your masculinity and gives a small side “Bad Boy” often appreciated very much by the female. However, before you realize it, you need to know a certain number of things so that everything happens in the best conditions.

Advantages and disadvantages of a back tattoo

First of all, on the whole body the back is really the ideal area to make a tattoo. Indeed, choosing a tattoo from the back presents little risk since it is the most extended, flat and generally the smoothest surface of our body.
Thus, the realization of the tattoo can be done easily and the rendering of the drawing will be only more pleasant.

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In addition, the back is the place where the skin is thickest, which minimizes the pain that may be related to the tattoo design.
However, this pain remains associated with the sensitivity of the tattooed person and can only be assessed during the tattoo session.
For the more anxious, one advice: avoid the anesthetic cream, which is not advised since it modifies the texture of the skin and therefore the rendering of the tattoo.

Having a good night’s sleep and successfully relaxing during the session helps to evacuate at least 50% of the pain. It is also possible to perform the back tattoo several times if you prefer and depending on the size of the piece to be made.

What patterns for a back tattoo?

As for the motifs proposed for a back tattoo, they are diverse and varied although the stars, butterflies and flowers often return to women.
For men, in the same way a great choice will be proposed (characters, heads of the dead and tribal motif …) among all the styles of tattoo.

A certain symbolic is associated with the back tattoo: in fact, what happens in our back is what we do not know in part.
We can then associate the back with our unconscious, with the dark and unrevealed side of our mind.

Wanting to perform a back tattoo and having a precise pattern in mind can then reflect a hidden, intuitive desire. In this case, the chosen motif can express an unconscious desire: that of seducing or attracting more, for example. But it can also underline an unconscious fear when choosing a repulsive or slightly bestial pattern.

In all cases, the visibility of the tattoo depends on its size. In the tattoo shops, you will find designs covering the whole back or very discreet.
Be aware, however, that the price of the tattoo is strongly related to its size and that the time necessary to its realization will increase with the extent to cover.

Some ideas for a back tattoo