The best friend tattoos ideas

Want to do something special with your best friend? Looking for something that identifies you and is a symbol of your friendship forever? You have certainly lived together good times, the best and the worst, but you are faithful friends and you are present for each other. That’s why, we will offer you the best friend tattoos between friends that will truly testify to your friendship. They are simple, significant and symbolic. This tattoo will unite you forever!.

First of all, we advise you to think carefully before you get tattooed. Remember that a tattoo lasts a lifetime: you will not be able to remove it or adapt it to your desires and everything can happen. If, for whatever reason, your friendship were to break, what would happen to the tattoo? Nevertheless, if you are sure of yourself and you have confidence in both of you and in your friendship … Nothing like a unique tattoo to unite you for life!.

Best friend tattoos symbol of your friendship

You must first choose the part of your body that you will tattoo. You can do it in the same place or choose different places. The ankle, wrist or neck are particularly suitable for this kind of tattoos: they are discreet, important and symbolic.

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A meaningful sentence. Like all close friends, you certainly have this phrase that you repeat to you in all circumstances. A few words of support, a humorous reply, an encouraging or simply joyful phrase will probably accompany you in most of your adventures. Why not immortalize it on your skin?.

You can choose symbolic sentences in your relationship or a quote that already exists. Among the most famous are, for example, “Carpe diem”, “always together” – or “towards infinity and beyond”. You can search for a phrase in a book, a quote in Latin, or a song you adore. Personalize your tattoo to make it even more special.

A puzzle piece is also a good best friend tattoos idea to achieve with a girlfriend. Why ? Because it symbolizes the perfect union between two different pieces and so similar at the same time … Exactly like you! If you have developed a certain complicity, it is a beautiful way to represent it.

The small details that really characterize you. A small star, a significant number, an animal, an anchor, a heart, an imprint – like the one you leave in the other – the symbol of infinity, a cupcake as sweet as your friendship … If you want a small tattoo, these ideas fit perfectly. Just find a small corner of your body to place it and thus remind you of your soul mate forever. Remember: think about things that you appreciate, that characterize you and that represent you. You will thus make your tattoo unique and personal.

A best friend tattoos should be something very personal, especially if you share it with someone. If this person is your best friend, look for something that symbolizes you and that represents this very strong bond. Think about what your friendship means to you and print it on your body. From freedom, to trust, through loyalty, eternity, strength … Make your tattoo an unforgettable memory!.


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