The Best Small Tattoos

My grandmother always said to me: “Good comes in small bottle”. Others say: “less is more”. And, as I always thought that something was true in those sentences, I thought of applying them to the world of body art, more precisely to the world of tattoos. I have proposed, for this occasion, to make a selection of which, in my opinion, are the best small tattoos.

A tattoo motif that never fails when designed in small proportions is the star. No doubt, the stars, which are the most popular tattoos, look good of any size, but especially when they are small.

Best small tattoos design

On the other hand, when I think of the best small tattoos, the famous musical notes come to my mind. These are ideal for hiding in some reduced area of ??our body surface, or for plasmas on visible parts, such as the wrist, but always in small proportions. Its simple and scarce strokes, make a tattoo like this one to appreciate much more so “big time”.

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And what about the keys? I think they are ideal as a small tattoo. Think of it this way: the keys are the element to access something that is preseved. The latter, brings to this design an aloof mystery; Something is behind that key. That’s why these are ideal to translate somewhere in the body as a secret tattoo, hidden, imperceptible. You will not want anyone to find the key that allows access to what you carefully preserve …

In general, I will say that the best small tattoos are those that consist of a few simple strokes. Small tattoos with complex designs and full of details are usually not a good idea.

You can see more of the ones I have selected as the best small tattoos among the pictures in this article.


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