The Best Tattoos For Couples Ideas

Want to leave an eternal trace of your love on your skin? A good way to do this is to make an identical or complementary tattoo with your partner. More and more couples decide to tattoo proof of their love. These drawings can be of the order of detail or very elaborate but they always reflect a very deep love. In this article, we will let you discover the best tattoos for couples so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

The Best Tattoos For Couples Design

Tattoos with a crown

Many meanings exist for tattoos with a crown and they are all related to self-esteem, safety, beliefs in each other’s abilities, and so on. However, their significance can be extended to the sentimental domain. Indeed this symbol also represents the unconditional love of one person for another. These tattoos represent commitment, respect and fidelity and are perfect for a couple.

You can use variants. The boy can, for example, tattoo a crown of a king and the girl, a queen’s crown or you can, if you prefer, simply write “Queen” and “King” to specify the kind.

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Hearts for couples

If you think about love, the heart is the symbol that comes to you most quickly in mind, right? Indeed, in our cultural conception, the feeling of love emanates from the court. That is why, if you want to show how much you love your partner, a heart can be an adequate option.

About usHow we advise you one that we particularly appreciate. It stimulates the heartbeat visible on electrocardiograms, in the hospital for example and, to specify its meaning, you can draw a heart in the middle of the lines. You indicate that your heart beats to the rhythm of your partner and that you could not live without each other.

Key and lock tattoos

If the previous option does not suit you, among the best tattoos for couples, you can opt for a heart-shaped lock and key as a symbol of your love. In this case, it refers to the fact that there is only one key to open your heart and therefore your partner will have to tattoo this key.

This is one of the most metaphorical options to express that there is only one person in the world able to open your heart and thus win your love. This tattoo indicates that you are made for the other and that no one else in the world could be your partner.

The symbol of infinity with arrows

The sign of infinity resembles an 8 placed horizontally and is often used in mathematics to indicate that a result is infinite. However, at present it is also widely used as a tattoo. Indeed, it symbolizes the eternal love that you feel for another person. Your feelings can not be counted and this is precisely what the symbol of infinity expresses. That’s why it’s perfect for couples who want to express what they feel for each other.

If you add an arrow to this tattoo, you will give it a shade with this symbol of protection (the tribes used them as weapons to defend theirs). Over all, we reveal the meaning of arrow tattoos. Therefore, the arrow indicates that you are protecting the other person forever and will do the same for you.

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A puzzle piece

This is another tattoo often performed by couples. Indeed, as in the game, each piece is unique and can fit only in one other room. If we transfer this meaning to the domain of love, we can consider that a person has found the corresponding piece and vice versa.

In this sense, this meaning is similar to the one we explained earlier with the lock and the key. It indicates that there is only one person who corresponds to you perfectly and that it makes you realize. The puzzle pieces do not make sense taken separately, they are the other pieces that make them useful. Therefore, this tattoo also symbolizes the fact that the other person is your half and that without it you can not realize yourself.

Anchor tattoos

Anchors are also a very fashionable tattoo today and often used by couples. In the maritime sector, anchors are used by fishermen and seamen to ensure their safety at sea and to be able to return home. This sense can be transferred to the sentimental domain: the anchor becomes the link between the two partners that allows you to resist when the earth trembles and that helps you to go home.
These anchor tattoos express these notions of security, trust and love. Many couples choose them as a tattoo and often add the initials of the person they love.


If you like tattooed phrases, which are perfect for expressing all your love to your partner, you could realize the one you see in the picture. You can choose the phrase you want, on picture, the couple chose: “I love him / her” and added hearts in the letters for an even more romantic touch.

If you do not like this phrase, you can opt for “Forever Love”, “Together we are unique”, “Unity is strength” and so on. You can think of a phrase that matches your partner and how you feel for each other.

Tattoos for gamers

If you like to have a good time playing the console, if you do not imagine living without the video games, the tattoo that we present below is for you. It is about expressing the love you feel for each other by following the thread of Super Mario Bross’s story. This character tries, throughout the game, to save the princess who was kidnapped by an evil witch. This story is so classic fairy tales but with fantastic characters and fun.
That’s why, if you are passionate about video games, do not miss the opportunity to tattoo Mario and the Princess, two characters who love madness and who are ready to face all dangers to find themselves.

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Bird Tattoos

Birds symbolize freedom, creativity, spirituality, etc. If we transfer this symbolism to romantic relationships, the meaning may be slightly extended and express that the other gives you wings and makes you want to live life to the fullest.

Therefore, with this drawing, you indicate that the other person is your flying partner who gives you wings and allows you to chew life to the fullest, always in his company, never alone, because birds always fly together.

Tattoo of rose

The tool used for hikers to orient itself also becomes one of the best tattoos for couples. The compasses contain a rose of the winds, which allows them to indicate the position in which they are and the direction to follow. That is why this symbol is also that of travelers, always ready to discover the world: from North to South and from East to West.

In this sense, this type of drawing, as part of the couple, may indicate that the partners want to travel the world together, but also that your partner serves as a guide, a compass so as not to lose you in the paths of life . Therefore, this tattoo symbolizes adventure, but also, the idea of ??commitment and loyalty.