The Bride Makeup Test

Along with the dress and hairstyle, Bride Makeup will be a very important part for your image. It is essential that before your marriage perform a makeup test following these tips. We tell you everything for an effective trial!.

Bride Makeup Important

A good makeup is the one that highlights the natural beauty of a girl. In the make-up test, you can experiment with different cosmetics and choose what style favors you the most. As we can not choose for you, we give you some suggestions that will help you find the right Bride Makeup:

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That matches your dress. To know what type of Bride Makeup most matches your dress and hairstyle, it is ideal that the day of this test matches the tests of dress and hairstyle. In this way, you will have a realistic idea of ??how your overall look will look like in your marriage.

Good lighting. The test can be done in your own home or in a beauty salon. The important thing is that the selected site has adequate lighting and makes you feel comfortable and in confidence.
You should be advised by your stylist, but it is important that you have the last word in terms of the colors, tones and style of makeup, they should make you feel good about yourself and who knows you better than you?

The false eyelashes are a good option, almost indispensable for brides. If a professional puts them, their duration and effectiveness are guaranteed and your image will be radiant.

Write down the products and tones used. Once the test is over, remind your make-up artist to not forget to take note of the products and tones you have given as valid. It is the only way to avoid confusion or surprises on the day of your marriage. If you wish, you can take photos of the final process and take them on the same day as “yes, I want”.

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Beyond the previous tips, we leave you with the most important: remember that the makeup of a bride must be durable, magical and radiant, designed for a very emotional day, in which you will be the protagonist and the center of all the looks!


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