The colors of black skin tattoos

In the choice of colors for a black skin tattoos, it is advisable to restrict its choice according to the strong natural coloration or not of the skin. With a very dark skin, not only will the tattoo be less visible, but it can also deteriorate much faster and have unreliable aesthetic behavior.

Colors are very likely to change over time, and the distinction between different colors can quickly be impossible. The risk being to end up with a tattoo of the type “pâté” on which the details become impossible to distinguish.

The natural pigmentation of the tattooed skin having a fundamental role in the final rendering of a tattoo, all the scenarios are different, it is strongly advised to ask a tattoo artist with a minimum of notoriety and experience what it is, It thinks of your skin, the pattern and the colors desired for the pattern.

There are of course tattooists specializing in black skins, or at least who are more used to tattooing dark-skinned populations, and who will be able to show you examples of black skin tattoos of their realization

As a general rule, for a very dark black skin, it is preferable to opt for a tattoo in black ink only (which will probably turn blue / green depending on the skins and inks used), as most rap stars Or the cinema (50 Cents, Tupac, Rihanna, Halle Berry …), or basketball NBA (Shaq, Carmelo Anthony, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant …) for example. Skins with more “coffee” colors than “chocolate” will, they, allow themselves more distance and consider some dark colors like red or green.

An old school rose tattoo is for example possible on a black skin. Colors such as blue and purple will generally turn black with erased over time. As for inks of light colors such as sky blue, yellow, orange, or other, they are generally discouraged because they do not resist or badly to the duration. Even white inks, which can give a scar effect, are not more effective on black skin than on white skin in the long term, contrary to what one might think

The risks of The colors of black skin tattoos

Contrary to some rumors, there is no more risk to be tattooed when one is black: as for any act of physical modification, it is above all to know his body and his affections before being stung At the first tattoo artist. Just like skin with moles, or as for people with frequent and / or severe skin conditions, it is appropriate in people with dark skin to ensure the good health of their skin with a dermatologist.

The color changes of a black skin tattoos are generally due to a bad estimate of the intensity of skin pigmentation compared to the chosen colors and details of the pattern sometimes too fine.

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Regarding the risks of keloids, or keloid scars, skin disorders more common in people with black skin, they can sometimes be caused by a tattoo. In this case, it is a bad healing reaction caused by the repeated perforations of the needles. It is therefore advisable for people who are prone to keloids to avoid being tattooed, especially since there is no real effective treatment against these conditions, which can be reduced in particular by steroid injections

In the case of unflattering results, it should also be noted that laser tattooing is possible for black skins, although they can sometimes be sources of complications, especially with respect to non-black tattoos and gray-shaded tattoos. For black men and women with a colored tattoo, one usually uses a laser that will also affect the natural pigments of the skin. Therefore the risk of lightening the skin in detatched areas is greater


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