The dolphin tattoo strong symbol

The dolphin tattoo is a very common animal motif with a strong symbol and varied according to the cultures, although often positive. A marine mammal with a highly developed intelligence, the dolphin has indeed inspired men and their creations since time immemorial.

This cetacean, a descendant of the Mesonyx, a small quadruped mammal resembling a dog and become aquatic 55 million years ago, is a creature of very ancient origins that has always been at the origin of human myths and legends

Considered the “god of fish” in many cultures and civilizations, this mammal is none the less a creature in need of air to live. The royal symbolism of the dolphin tattoo is related to the image of a reign of justice. The Christian symbolism returns an image of the dolphin as a symbol of resurrection, protection.

The dolphin is a pure-hearted animal, a messenger of good news and symbol of good health. The dolphin is also one of the animals who covet souls towards the afterlife after death. The duality of the symbolism of the dolphin, both mammal and living in water, halfway between two worlds, participates in this version of mythology.

The symbol for a most common dolphin tattoo is a sign of intelligence and friendship: the dolphin is indeed an extremely vivid animal capable of understanding sign languages, copying attitudes and using objects like tools. It is commonly observed that dolphins have the ability to communicate with one another through a kind of language.

Dolphin tattoo meaning symbol

Some experiments have shown their ability to recognize themselves in a mirror. The dolphin tattoo can also serve as a symbol of friendship: the dolphin is an animal of which there are many historical examples of unconditional help of humans.

Very friendly, the dolphin enjoys man’s company and sometimes searches for his own loss when he approaches too close to fishing boats or areas of conflict and wars, during which he has sometimes been used as a carrier Of submarine bombs.

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The dolphin tattoo is also a symbol of play, pure pleasure in eternal fun, without worrying about the morrow, in the manner of children. This symbolism goes as far as a darker vision: like the child, the dolphin can push his games very far, even hurting himself or his fellows, which represents in tattoo a will to self-destruct by the quest An eternal symbol of playful pleasure, an ideal symbol for the tattoos of surfers attracted by the sea and the pleasure provided by the fact of playing with it without fear nor its violence which can nevertheless be fatal nor the rigidity of society

In the Maori tattoo mythology, the dolphin is the creature that guided the Maori to the promised land in New Zealand, in accordance with other beliefs related to dolphin stories that rescued man from drowning or to fight against Sharks.

For the Maori the dolphin is a guide that brings the lost ships home. This protective symbolism is very present in civilizations having a strong link with the sea and navigation: the Greeks, the Romans, the Amerindians, the Celts, the Australian aborigines have made it a symbol of chance

In Greek mythology dolphins were the origin of sailors who tried to harm the God of the vine and the wine Dionysus, who pretended to be a simple traveler during his voyages at sea.

Faced with the fury of the divinity, The forbans would have tried to escape by plunging into the Mediterranean, where the God of the oceans Poseidon would have changed them into dolphins, creatures destined always to assist the sailors. The word Dolphinus, of Delphis meaning in ancient Greek the uterus, the dolphin became over time the symbol of the spirit of the sea

In Australia, aborigines and dolphins have long had interactions in the form of collaboration for fishing. Aboriginal fishermen called dolphins by whistling or booming with boomerangs to shift schools of fish into shallow waters to make fishing easier for both man and man, Animal, via a form of inter-species communication.

In the Celtic tattoo, the symbolism of the dolphin is also related to sea and luck, as well as to healing. The dolphin was held in great esteem by the Celts, the arrival of the dolphin off the Irish coast having exhorted these Celtic populations to explore the world by the sea thanks to its skill and speed in the tumultuous waves.

A sign of friendship and intelligence, the Celtic dolphin tattoo possesses a symbol of luck, linked to the strong presence of the animal on the coasts on good weather and calm sea. The dolphin has thus also kept the symbol of the protection of the sailors, the guardian of the seas. On some Celtic artefacts are images of men riding dolphins

Choosing a dolphin tattoo pattern is therefore independent of style, often worn on the shoulder, hip or lower back, the dolphin tattoo is now predominantly feminine. It can be made in a tribal style to stick to the symbolism of the tattoo of dolphin Maori or Polynesian, Celtic, imager in the manner of a cartoon or even realistic for the lovers of the animal and the sea.

Models of dolphin tattoos, ask a tattoo catalog to your tattoo artist who will always have boards of flash that he can adapt and customize according to your desires and your preferences as to the symbolism of the dolphin to privilege among the many possibilities That this totem animal offers:

The game, pleasure of the game, travel, sea, sweetness, unconditional friendship, kindness, protective help, harmony with the elements, intelligence, wisdom of the guide, healing, Community life, resurrection, generosity, luck, self-giving, speed and strength at sea …

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