The Dragon Tattoo Meaning

Throughout the history of humanity, dragons have appeared in the most diverse forms, with different meanings from folk and mythological stories to songs, paintings, animations and films, without forgetting the tattoos, of course. This is the terrain that matters most to us. Dragons tattoos are extremely popular and are one of those motifs that never cease to appear on the skin of tattoo lovers. That is why today I am going to invite you to discern a little in the dragon tattoo meaning and to see some examples.

Dragons, monsters of the Eastern mythology

Dragons are strong mythological creatures who, throughout history, have figured in a very peculiar way, as beings as beautiful as feared. They have been commonly depicted as bodies of a snake or a large reptile, with scales and large sharp teeth, and have the ability to fly and even fire from the mouth. Regarding their symbolism, in different regions and different cultures of the world have represented different things, as it happens today in the tattoo.

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Oriental dragon tattoos are precursors of fortune and fertility, appearing as a good omen while on the contrary, in the West they appear as wild beasts, dangerous and indomitable. In this conception they appear as the incarnation of dark evil spirits, destroyers of life, family and homes.

Dragons tattoos often appear in different designs, being especially recurrent in the Celtic, Chinese and Japanese cultures, more than in any other. The places where tattoos are best tattooed are on the chest, the upper arms and shoulders, the back and also the lower legs. Let’s get to know some of the dragon tattoo meaning.

Japanese Dragons

Dragons are one of the most important creatures in Japanese culture, they are aquatic creatures although, it is said, in the past they used to be related to clouds and airs. Formerly it was believed that the first Japanese emperor was even a direct descendant of a dragon and represent the protection of family and loved ones, protection of home, power and longevity. There are 4 types of dragons in Japan and each has unique characteristics.

Types of Japanese Dragons:
Sui-Riu: is the king of the dragons, controls the rain.
Han-Riu: It is the largest of all and is covered by stripes.
Ka-Riu: It’s small and red.
Fuku-Riu: is the lucky dragon.

Chinese Dragons

They are more masculine dragons and are said to be related to number 9, as well as to rain and storms. They represent intelligence, strength, good luck, health, harmony and benevolence. Chinese dragons often look more ferocious than others, with serpent-like bodies with well-defined scales covering their entire body, and possess surprising magical powers that virtually make them deities.

Types of Chinese dragons

Dragon with horns: symbolizes that who has it is strong in its words and consequent in its actions, is a leader.
Earth dragon: represents a connection with the Earth, it is the one who sets the rules.
Yellow dragon: it has no horns and represents knowledge, wisdom and thought.
Celestial dragon: strongly related to the spiritual and the divine, symbolizes a strong belief in what goes beyond the flesh.

Tribal Dragons

Tribal style dragon tattoos represent the same as any other, but in essence, they are especially differentiated by seeking to produce a visual, aggressive and violent impact that more easily determines the dragon’s ferocious features. This minimizes the enormous details and colors. It is basically a matter of taste and choice.

Dragons and tigers

In the culture of the East, the dragon represents a good defense while the tiger represents the opposite: the offensive. Usually, a dragon defeating or a tiger represents protection, the victory of good over evil and in opposition, if the dragon is being defeated by the tiger or the tiger is above the dragon: it represents the offense, a rude person And violent that overlaps over others with violence, the victory of evil.

However, many people also usually tattoo both beings on equal terms to represent the balance between two huge forces. In this way the perfect balance between good and evil is manifested, as does the Yin-Yang symbol.

Okay, how did you like all these dragon tattoo meaning? Do you have any dragon tattoos? What type?

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