The Heartbeat Tattoo

Do you know the heartbeat tattoo? These are particularly original designs, interesting and also very simple, since they do not involve much detail or complex techniques. I invite you to analyze a little this kind of tattoos and enjoy some other design.

Why heartbeat tattoo?

Leaving aside the field of medicine, take a moment to ask yourself what do you think could represent a heartbeat tattoo? Personally, I doubt very much that someone decides to tattoo the results of his medical checkup simply because that drawing was nice, do not you think? The first thing I can think of is that, of course, heartbeat tattoos are a kind of metaphor or allegory about heart affairs, what do you think?.

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When one is in love, one can feel more alive than ever and since, from remote times, that concept so abstract and yet so tangible, that idea as mysterious as certain that we call “love” has been associated with the most important organ of our Body: the heart.

Electrocardiograms are studies that some people undergo when required by the doctor, to record the electrical potential of heart activity, rhythm and regularity of heartbeat, among other data no less important.

But returning to the questions of love, we often use metaphors such as “my heart leaps for joy at seeing you” or “you make me so happy that I feel my heart want to get out of my chest” to symbolize the feeling.

All these phrases make reference to that, being in love, our heart is more active and beats stronger than ever. Something that, no doubt, an electrocardiogram would detect perfectly and in whose result would be clearly reflected. The heartbeat tattoo speaks of a heart that does not stop beating, that feels alive, that marks the pulse of love.

Pictures of heartbeat tattoos

Well, now take a look at these examples. Enjoy this photo gallery of heartbeat tattoos.

That is all for this time. What do you think of these heartbeat tattoo? Do you feel so in love to make yourself one? Well

if you do, remember that you can share the results with us by writing to our mailings, sending us some pictures and telling us what things represent for you. We will be waiting, cheer up!.


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