The Historicall of Pirate Tattoos

Pirate Tattoos. Historically and culturally, tattoos have a great relationship with pirates and despite the fact that a long time has passed since the ancient era in which pirates sailed the seas of the world doing theirs, today pirates continue to be present in tattoos .

Although with differences in meaning and style, the tattoos related to piracy as such appear with numerous designs, tones, shapes and sizes. To know better this type of tattoos today at we invite you to know some of the different aspects of pirate tattoos.

Pirate Tattoos: Some history about pirates

As we have just pointed out, tattoos had a strong connection with pirates: that of representing or allude to the men of the sea (the sailors) and the criminals. It makes a lot of sense because the pirates were sailors and criminals.

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While today there is still a certain group of people who are considered as modern pirates, they are a small group and almost nothing resemble those old pirates of the sea stories. Pirates are known from truly ancestral times and more precisely, there are historical records that indicate the existence of pirates as early as the fifth century BC.

At that time, the pirates inhabited areas of the Persian Gulf and with the passage of time they moved to different regions of the world. The historical period during which pirates enjoyed the worst reputations being feared by all was the time of the colonies and the so-called discovery of the new world.

The symbolism in the figure of the pirate tattoos

What immediately comes to mind when thinking about the figure of a pirate is that they are totally free beings. It may not be the best way, but in itself, what is it or what was a pirate?

Well, let’s see, the pirates were rough, violent and almost savage beings. Practically they were anarchists who lived in the sea without any type of law, rule or anything that determined what they should do.

Their thirst for riches and for the possessions of others was what moved them, which led them to commit terrible acts of vandalism and simply to do whatever they wanted. With a reputation for dirty men, terribly alcoholic and without fear of anything, they used what they needed in their own way without receiving orders.

For all these things, the pirates were considered dangerous libertine criminals and were constantly persecuted by law. Huge rewards were offered to capture them and once they managed to catch them they were executed without further ado.

With these reasons we can say that pirates represent freedom, anarchy, violence, courage and courage, that although we can not say it in a noble and rewarding way, we can not deny that these men had much courage to do the things that they did.

Pirate designs offer a wide range of possibilities in tattoos since they have many representative elements. The most popular designs include its typical and emblematic black pirate flag with a skull that often has a patch over one eye or a handkerchief and two bones crossed behind.

Other designs are based simply on the image of a classic pirate or on the skull of one of them, on pirate ships, war scenes in which you can see pirates fighting or looting or in pirate weapons such as firearms, cannons and sabers

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Pirate tattoos are as frequent in men as in women and there is a design that for its great appeal is one of the most popular: that of the pirate girls, a sensual and daring design.

What do you think of these pirate tattoos? Do you have any?