The History of Anchor Tattoos

The designs of anchors are one of those classics that never stop appearing in tattoos and the truth is that it will be something, right? Besides being strongly related to the sea, they are very symbolic and although they are not designs that vary too much, they can always be customized.

To know everything you have to know about this reason, today I will tell you a few details about the history of this type of tattoo so particular, to review some of its meanings and see some designs that can be very useful if you are thinking of anchor tattoos.

Anchor tattoos meaning

Anchors are a frequent motif of tattoos for almost 2 centuries, how can we not consider them a classic? The relationship between the anchors and the sea, everything that has to do with the nautical and the sailors, is more than obvious, so it would be impossible to think about its meaning without talking about this characteristic.

First of all, the anchors are nautical tools, instruments that are used in this area and that are essential in navigation. The anchors are used to stop the ship at sea and thus not have to worry about fighting the current. It provides the security of being able to stop and stabilize, allowing the sailors to rest. There are different types of anchors and they have been used historically due to their great utility.

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However, in ancient times it was a symbol linked to the early church, just as it happened with fish. It was conceived as an instrument capable of holding something firmly, of stopping something and keeping it in a safe place, without the possibility of diverting to bad roads or dangerous places.

Formerly, anchors were also used as another way of representing the Christian cross, the same one in which it was nailed to Jesus Christ. With the passage of time, the anchors began to be considered as a symbol merely related to the sea. For the people of that environment, the anchor became the emblem of stability, security and trust.

Today, anchor tattoos are very popular to represent precisely these ideas. That is why they are very frequent for example between couples, who use them to symbolize the stability and harmony of the relationship, a relationship that can be developed for life, in fact, in previous opportunities we have already seen several anchor tattoos for couples who use them as engagement rings, remember?

The designs in general do not vary, but as I mentioned, they always allow a personalization. This is achieved by adding other elements that refer to their meaning, so there are those who add flowers such as roses (representing love), waves (to symbolize the sea better) or phrases and names (to refer to a person or an idea in particular) .

The most frequent styles are the old school and the full colors, although finding an anchor tattoos in black and gray is not something strange either. Some designs are more striking than others, while the most minimalist prefer a nice and clear anchor because what matters is its meaning. Some sailors, for example, are tattooed anchors to celebrate something special or as an amulet for travel.

What do you think of anchor tattoos? Would you tattoo an anchor?