The Initial tattoos of names 

There are people who may think that an Initial tattoos of names may be too simple, but the truth is that it is not that simple … it is loaded with symbolism and meaning. Behind initials there is always a name or a story and just for that, it is more important than its simplicity shows.

Initial tattoos design

What’s more, a simple tattoo can be a success since it is elegant and even sensual. In my case in particular, I have the first letter of the name of my son and I feel very proud of my small initial in the wrist … and is that is that, an initial must be a letter that you like, that means something to you and That whenever you look you like what you have engraved on your skin.

The Initial tattoos of names also have infinity of possibilities since you can design the initial along with other symbols that also mean things for you. The size will depend on your personal tastes, in my case it is a small letter that I drew because I liked that style on my wrist, but I have seen initials that occupy an ankle, a shoulder blade or other areas of the body. Although if you want to be discreet, then a simple design is best.

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The place will also depend on whether you want it to look great or not. You can choose the doll as in my case, neck, arm, hand, back, ankle … but remember that if you choose a small area is better that the tattoo is smaller and if you choose a large area, it should be more big.

Do you know what letter you want to tattoo yourself? Well now you only have to think about the design of the letter, the style and think of the place where you want to translate it into your skin. Are you ready?


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