The Japanese masks tattoos

Oriental tattoos always have interesting meanings. However, of all these peculiar designs there is one that has particularly drawn my attention for all that it implies: the Japanese masks tattoos. Just to start, I will tell you that, back in the fourteenth century, these masks were the representation of the woman betrayed and full of hate. In other words: the woman made a demon.

These Japanese masks tattoos are also known as Hannyas: a name given to women who, through disappointment in love, became real monsters. Despite this specific meaning, we can also say that Japanese masks tattoos symbolize the radical transformations that can happen to any person and that is why they have become very popular.

Japanese masks tattoos represent

The Japanese masks tattoos are the representation of that “demon” that, in a certain way, we all carry inside and that, sometimes, we ignore. But he is and he can leave at any time!.

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Did you know the meaning and origin of Japanese masks? What do you think of these particular designs?.

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