The most beautiful tattoos for women

Are you thinking of getting yourself a tattoo? Before taking this important decision you have to think about the design that you will be tattooed. Keep in mind that this design is permanent and that it is very important to think about it, to look for different types of design, and especially that the tattoo you choose has something to do with your tastes and your personality. In this article from macyte.com we want to help you make a decision by telling you the most suitable tattoos for women. Here are the most beautiful tattoos for women.

Beautiful tattoos for women ideas

Floral patterns

One of the favorite designs of women are flower tattoos. It is a wide range in which we can find drawings of any type: A single flower, a floral arrangement that occupies a large part of the body, or the lotus flower, flower with great symbolism.

These 100% feminine designs can contain different meanings. One of the most common in the case of flowers is that they symbolize beauty and femininity. But flowers also refer to nature, freedom or in the case of lotus flowers, spirituality to meditation and calm.

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Feather Tattoos

Another of the favorite drawings of women at the time of getting tattooed are the feathers. These tattoos can symbolize freedom, because feathers allow birds to fly in the air, but can also symbolize writing and culture, as previously feathers were used to write.

You can choose a pen in a native style, which would have a more spiritual meaning since in shamanic cultures have used animal feathers to invoke ancestors and spirits. This style of tattoo can therefore reflect your desire to stay close to the spiritual world.
In this article of macyte.com we tell you in detail the meaning of feather tattoos.

Tattoos of trees

Here is a tattoo drawing that goes both to men and women. They have multiple connotations but especially that of the natural side that we have in us, our connection with nature, trees, earth etc. Trees can be a symbol of maturity and symbolize the fact that one has reached a stage in life where one has grown, learned and matured

One of the most recurring tattoos is the tree of life, one of the designs that represents the aspects of life such as knowledge, forgiveness, eternity, knowledge and everything related to our own roots. And if you want a very feminine tattoo, we advise you to associate a bird or a flower with the tree.
In this article we make you discover all the meanings that can have a tree tattoos.

Butterfly Tattoos

Another one of the best possible tattoos for women is that of butterflies. This animal, as well as for the birds, symbolizes the freedom, but in addition it is a symbol of femininity and metamorphosis for its delicate and elegant aspect.

The design of butterflies offers an infinity of design possible, and you can opt for tattooing a single butterfly or several butterflies in flight to symbolize the flight and freedom. For more information on the meaning of butterfly tattoos, see our article.

Dream Catcher

Dream catchers are one of the other beautiful tattoos for women because this design is ideal for the female body. The dream catcher, in addition to being an attractive motif, represents an ethnic object of the native American people whom they used as amulet or talisman of protection.
As the name suggests, the dream catcher protects the person who sleeps from the nightmares and only let positive thoughts appear in the mind. In addition to filtering the good and bad energies during the night, it is considered that if this amulet is worn during the day, it also protects its wearer from the bad energies.

Tattoos of hearts

The most beautiful tattoos for girls include hearts. The symbol of this tattoos can have various meanings: from the romantic and romantic aspect to the spiritual side, harmonious and human kindness

Depending on the design you choose, its meaning will vary: if you choose a broken or wounded heart tattoo, it will reflect the harm you have been done but you have overcome, or else a hearts with wings would be an allegory Freedom and independence ect.

Bird Tattoos

Finally, bird tattoos remain one of the beautiful tattoos for women. This animal is considered a symbol of freedom, especially if the tattoo represents a bird in flight. But on top of that, birds can represent peace, meeting with heaven, spirituality and mysticism.
Bird tattoos are very varied. For example eagles represent strength, while owl tattoos represent intelligence and knowledge. Depending on the tattoo you choose, you can highlight a particular aspect of your personality. macyte.com, tells you more about bird tattoos.


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