The most popular accent chairs of the moment

Do you have an empty corner in your living room or dining room? Do you need more space to sit down? Do you just want to change the environment a little? An accent chair may be the best choice. This furniture can not only add style to your room or room, but also make the space more functional.

In case of small areas, an accent chair can take advantage of the space without removing square meters. Ready to go shopping? I know the most popular accent chairs this year and how to implement them.

Printed upholstery accent chairs

Forget the chairs of a single color, now the printed upholstery are the most popular. For a feminine style, consider a floral design. The larger the flowers, the more modern the chair will look. Geometric designs are another popular print, especially the Greeks. The chevron is going from being trend, decided by horizontal wide stripes. To counteract eye-catching designs, choose a simple model chair, without armrests or neutral color stamping.

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Vintage and traditional accent chairs

As you probably know, everything vintage is fashionable. Elegant styles are gaining popularity as well, so English and French style chairs are now in vogue. These come in both traditional and modern colors to create a more eclectic model. As for traditional designs, popular wingback chairs in the 70’s, are regaining strength. If you are looking to implement these styles of chairs do not need to have a traditional style in the rest of your decor. You can mix styles and create an unexpected and personalized environment.

Bright colors accent chairs

Vibrant colors are in vogue, and this spring and summer are not going anywhere. Turquoise is very popular for accent chairs, as well as coral and apple green tone. Painted wood is no longer taboo as it was years ago, so we are seeing unexpectedly colorful furniture everywhere. For a more sophisticated style, choose dark shades such as navy blue, maple or dark green. Do you feel like a new project? Buy a secondhand accent chair, paint it and change the upholstery. You will love the result!

Ultramodern designs of accent chairs

And since you always need two sides of the coin, modern designs are popular for accent chairs as well. Think of metal chairs, without upholstery and minimalist style. These designs are very popular to give personality to a neutral and simple space. Just like traditional chairs, you do not need to have a super modern space to use minimalist chairs. These are perfect for a corner of the room or the entrance of your house.