The myths about semi-permanent tattoo

If you’re interested in the tattoo theme, you probably heard about the myth of semi-permanent tattoos. Some tattoo artists offer it to customers who are tempted by a tattoo but are reluctant to get started. According to them, the semi-permanent tattoo would last no more than 5 or 6 years.

On the other hand, health specialists and professional tattooists make it very clear that semi-permanent tattoo is a myth: it is impossible to achieve this. So before letting yourself be seduced by the semi-permanent tattoo, let’s take the time to analyze the pros and the cons.

The benefits of semi-permanent tattoo

The semi-permanent tattoo is offered by different tattoo shops. The reasons why customers make this type of tattoo are based on our lifestyles, which are increasingly obeying cycles.

Every decade we enter a new episode of our existence. We are teenagers of 15 to 25 years, we are active from 25 to 35, we are at the top of our professional efficiency between 35 and 45 years, then, we are really installed between 45 and 55 years …

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However, it is more and more frequent that these cycles differ completely from each other, that is to say that they no longer fit into continuity, but rather into rupture. Divorces, layoffs, removals … These are the reasons why we think of existence as a dotted line and not as a straight line.

People who want to get a very personal tattoo are often quite safe from them to do so; Their doubt is more about whether they will always be with the same person in 10 years or whether their interest and aesthetic trends will not have totally changed by then.
The semi-permanent tattoo is therefore an ideal answer.

The technique of semi-permanent tattoo

The tattoo artist who will propose a semi-permanent tattoo will explain that he knows two main factors of the tattoo. The first is the composition of his ink and the second, the area of ??the skin where he performs this tattoo.

As for composition, you will learn that by diluting Chinese ink, a more fluid material is obtained which disappears with time. Some tattoo artists create their own ink by mixing organic materials and they explain that this composition is a secret of manufacture.

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Concerning the second point, the professionals of the semi-permanent tattoo say that by inserting their ink with skin, the drawing will not remain more than a few years. Some tattoo artists master this theme so much that they offer semi-permanent tattoos with a duration option that ranges from 5-6 months to 6-7 years.

The biggest tattooists and health specialists denounce this. More than talking about a hypothetical myth of semi-permanent tattoo, they evoke a pure swindle. They not only question the history of a supposedly “lightened” ink, they describe the impossibility of tattooing the skin temporarily and hoping that a tattoo will be transient.

Indeed, a more diluted ink may tend to disappear more quickly. We also know that all tattoos lose their vivacity over time. Most people make small retouches to keep them looking better. But in no case, and even without taking care of it, a tattoo will disappear.

No matter the quality of the ink, nor even if it is made with a 100% organic blend. In this regard, read our article on Ötzil, the prehistoric man who was found frozen 6,000 years later. The 57 tattoos made from plant-based powder were not only visible, but they also provided valuable guidance to researchers.

A famous cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Arthur Morris recently stated: “A tattoo is only held if it is in the dermis, the layer of our skin that is below the epidermis. In other words, there is no intermediate solution, any tattoo is permanent “.

People who chose to wear a semi-permanent tattoo face a major aesthetic problem. This tattoo tends to become less vivid and blurry very quickly. But it does not disappear. The result is therefore desolate and often unrecoverable; Except by an excellent professional tattoo artist. But it will take time.


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