The Palm tattoo of the hand are erased and deteriorate

Tattoos on the hands have always been the subject of debate. There are tattoo artists who only perform them in very specific cases and depending on the type of client. To this we must add that it is a type of tattoo that has always created controversy about if they suppose some type of obstacle when finding certain works. However, we will not talk about it in this article. Since we are going to focus on the palm tattoo of the hand and its rapid deterioration.

Palm tattoo of the hand design

If we look at the network different examples and types of palm tattoo of the hand, we will realize that virtually all tattoos that look “good” are fresh or have only one or two days. But what is this due to? Well, neither is it more or less a type of tattoo that deteriorates easily. Something similar to what happens with the tattoos on the feet and to which we dedicate an article in its day.

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Now, why do tattoos deteriorate in the palm of the hand? The reason why the tattoos in this part of our body deteriorate and even get to erase (part of them) is due to the skin type. In the palm of the hand the type of skin that we have is very different from the one in the rest of our body. The fact that this area of ??the body is in continuous contact with external objects and agents, make their characteristics are different.

Can you palm tattoo of your hand? Of course, just look at the images that accompany this article. However, it is not the best place for it. No matter how well we cure the tattoo or by many precautions we have, in just a few months or at most a year, it will seem that many years have passed and we will have to go over it again so that it looks good again. In short, if you are thinking about getting a tattoo on your hands, the least appropriate place for it is the palm. I would opt for the fingers.