The recorded pain: black rose tattoo

The impossibility of finding a purely black rose in Nature, makes this rarity a chimera that burns in the heart of those who love the impossible and burns it to the skin.

Among the many, varied and opposite meanings of the black rose tattoo, this time I will focus on the pain that a heart that dies of love wants to shout to the world. Love and its various shades is represented by a black rose; Either because your love is forbidden, dark, because you feel a devotion that lines in slavery or because they have broken your heart.

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The reserved and sometimes greedy nature has not wanted to give us the purity of a black rose, but deceives us with a darker shade of purple. That is why who wants to shout his torn love to the world, chooses to resort to the exaggeration, the optical illusion of that which seems but is not.

The pain engraved black rose tattoo

If you paint yourself a black rose accompanied by a broken heart in the middle, you emphasize still more the symbolism of a pain of love that is suffered by having been abandoned by whom we consider the love of our lives.

However, one must be very careful, since as we all know, a tattoo is a permanently imprinted mark. Therefore, we will be exhibiting pain for the rest of our lives, so we will be identified with the idea of ??suffering, withdrawal and deep sorrow.

It is then time to ask ourselves, is it worth to mold forever this pain, presumably, momentary?

Black Rose Tattoo: The Devotion of a Slave

When what is wanted is to represent an endless desire and, therefore, the eternal hope that a miracle happens with respect to an impossible love, forbidden or even beyond death, the black rose tattoo is an unavoidable ally.

So if what you want is to identify with a person whose pain is deeply rooted in the guts, start choosing between the designs of black rose tattoo. You will find designs that fit all parts of the body and all aesthetic preferences.


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