The Selena Gomez new tattoo and you’ll want to hug her just by knowing their meaning

Selena Gomez new tattoo. In recent years, Selena Gomez has dedicated herself to giving self-love lessons to her followers. The Bad Liar performer spares no more talk about her difficult past relationships, almost always caused by low self-esteem.

The diagnosis of lupus was a strong emotional blow for Selena, and although the complicated days were not lacking since her kidney transplant, Gómez resurfaced like a phoenix from the show business: stronger, more beautiful, determined and confident than ever.

With the firm intention of starting 2020 in an unforgettable way, Selena chose to give a permanent seal to Rare, her new album and star single.

Selena Gomez new tattoo meaning

To highlight a new facet nothing better than a Selena Gomez new tattoo, in the case of Selena, a very discreet one near the neck.

The minimalist strokes are a very marked trend, and undoubtedly represent Selena’s favorite preference when it comes to tattooing. Rare written on her neck means much more to her: it is a kind of forgiveness for her “me from the past”.

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In an exclusive interview with the iHeartRadio network, Gómez explained why Rare was such an important and unique topic:

It’s like the song I wish I could sing to each of my followers one by one. In a world where everyone thinks they have to look exactly the same or do the same things … the truth is that they don’t. Although I also came to feel that way, this song is the complete opposite. It’s okay to be “weird” because it makes you unique, you know?

Regarding her self-esteem issues and toxic relationships left behind, Selena is clear why Rare will always remain in her renewed mindset (and now as a Selena Gomez new tattoo):

“I know I don’t have everything, but I do know that I deserve something very special. That song is exactly how I feel and I will not tolerate being treated differently.

For their part, Gómez’s followers on Instagram express full support for the actress and singer, assuring her that she is in one of her best professional moments and hope to see her grow more.

Among the entourage of fans there are those who assure that Rare is a success because it is a “reconciliation”, the one that Gomez needed so much in her teenage years for herself.

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