The symbol of angels tattoos – styles and advice

Angel tattoos are not ordinary angelic patterns on your body as they can mean different things. First, in popular culture, angels’ tattoos symbolize your desire to represent the role of guardian in someone’s life. On the other hand, this can also be depicted to express your close and deep relationship with God as the angels are sent by God to watch over the earth and guide human beings toward better physical and spiritual development.

Angels can vary by rank, duties and responsibilities. There are those who have been appointed to keep the kingdoms that exist in the universe such as the archangels and other angels as the cherubim, known by the people at the base, as designated to protect and guide human beings in the The struggle of life. So, this explains that you have several options to choose the tattoo style of angels you want on your body.

Other meanings of angels tattoo

Angels can represent a certain determination to surpass adversity, but they can also mean power, value and victory. For example, the archangel Michael is considered the ultimate warrior of God who was sent to earth to return the devil’s entities to where they belong. The Archangel Michael also represents, among other things, the light after and against the darkness. His face can be used as an angel motif to symbolize the great spiritual strength to expel things from the devil.

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Popular angels tattoo design

An angel holding a harp is the most common and preferred pattern of both women and men. The angels are drawn with a gentle, graceful and innocent facial expression trying to amuse and praise the Lord with their harp. Another motive of this type is an angel sitting on a cloud looking up from the top or a loved one, since the angels are supposed to represent the soul of a human being ascended to heaven after his death.

If you want to express your spiritual beliefs intensively, you might want to consider making an angels tattoo holding a sword or a dagger. This pattern can nevertheless nevertheless express your rebellious nature, since the sword pattern can be a good companion for fallen angels. The story would say that the fallen angels are those who would have expressed allegiance to Lucifer as they would have disobeyed God and for that would have been expelled from Paradise.

So, maybe, if you want to express your disagreement with the current government, you could have yourself tattooed a fallen angel. It is important to show your intentions in a clear way to avoid people’s prejudices. This is where a talented tattoo artist can help you formulate the pattern that will correctly represent the meaning you want to express.

Different Types of Angels Tattoo

There are different types of angel tattoos. The most common are:

The Archangels

Tattoo of angels They are above the “hierarchy of angels”. Alongside God, archangels are considered to be the most powerful spiritual and intellectual entities that have been created. They are born archangels, and will continue to live as they are unless they decide to go against the rules and commandments of God.

This is one of the reasons why deeply religious people prefer this pattern to others because of their spiritual intensity that could influence them. The Archangels are usually drawn with a shield and a sword ready to fight against the demon.

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The Guardian Angels

Also known as the defenders of all living things, guardian angels are tattooed on the body with a child or a young man to put forward the caring side of the angels and their nature of education. People in general do this tattoo because they want to show others that an angel guides them continually. It can also be an image of a deceased love with an angelic character and wings or a normal angel face

The Cherubs

The Cherubs are the most innocent types of angels. They physically resemble young children. They are small in size and their wings are smaller than those of the guardian angels and archangels. Cupid is the best known of the cherubim, and it symbolizes love and destiny. So it makes sense to have a cherub tattoo to express your great love for someone, with his name near the tattoo.

 The Fallen Angels

Tattoo of angels Obviously, if there is a protagonist, an antagonist should also exist in history. Fallen angels are seen as the antagonists of the battle between good and evil, because of their rebellious nature. They were exiled on earth to live with mortals as a consequence of their allegiance to the archangel Lucifer, who wanted to dethrone God.

Fallen angels can choose to repent if they seek forgiveness and then wait until the day of judgment arrives. It is also why in the motives of tattoos, there are illustrations of faces of despair and melancholy looking towards the firmament. Generally, people who get tattooed a fallen angel want to express their dark side and especially their rebellious nature. They are in constant struggle between good and evil.

Angel of Death

More commonly known as death with its fake, the Angel of Death is a popular dark angel icon that symbolizes the limit of all things on earth and the connection between life and death. It is said that during the last minutes of a person’s life, the angel of death would appear to take his soul and take it to his supposed destination. Or that the appearance of the angel of death could evoke a bad omen.

However, the angel of death is generally characterized by a broad wing on one side and another without wings and carries a skeletal face and is accompanied by a very sharp fake.

Things To Think Before Doing An Angels Tattoo

For no reason why you make yourself an angel tattoo, this can only suggest one thing: your strong belief in life after death and the presence of a spiritual entity on earth. That’s why, this kind of tattoo deserves a special place on your body, and you’ll want it to be the best, starting from the choice of color, pattern, style, location, and choice of tattoo artist.

For the choice of colors, it is generally said that the tattoos of angels (good) go well with clear tints such as pink, blue, white and yellow. However, light pigments do not last as long as dark colors so you will need to make sure that these warm colors have more shine to keep them longer.

Other factors to consider are the social and political conceptions that people may have about angel tattoos. Think about how tattooing can influence your surroundings, especially your partner and family, if it can have negative effects on them or not. You can simply tell them about it, so you can decide the location of the tattoo on your body.