The Symbolism of Lion Tattoos

As it is not difficult to imagine, lions are considered a sacred animal and usually relate to ideals such as courage, strength and courage. For these reasons, it is one of the best options for those looking for a tattoo of a symbolism and a solid, fierce and wild character. I invite you to review what things are hidden behind the lion tattoos as symbols.

Throughout history, lions have been part of the mythological legends and folklore of various parts of Africa, the Middle East, India and even some sectors of the Mediterranean, as well as being present in many oriental works of art, especially in Japanese and Chinese. In ancient times, lions were considered as the highest expression of authority in nature (“king of kings”) and therefore, different civilizations used this animal as a symbol that represented the upper class and royalty.

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No animal can be considered as supreme as this one, the king of the forest, that of a roar capable of stopping and alerting all the animals that are around him. The king of all the beasts figured in numerous images of Ancient Egypt as a symbol of power, it is not news that the Egyptians enslaved small groups for various purposes, one of the symbols that evoked during the conquests to enslave was that of the lions, that according to what they said gave them a superior power, strengthening their reigns and their authority. On the other hand, it also had an important role in primitive Christianity and at one time, Jesus Christ was represented by a lion, later, the lion went on to represent St. Mark.

The meaning of lion tattoos

Already since then, lion tattoos were a common motif between two groups of civilization: the upper class and the fiercest warriors. So it was that since then, in tattoos, the lions became a perfect symbol of strength, power and courage, as well as the supreme and dominant.

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Among other things, lions are also often related to similar ideas, all related to the feline, wild and ferocious nature of the animal. So it has also been used as a symbol of leadership and in other areas such as the Zodiac, where it is represented by the sign of Leo, it is said that the animal is the sign of people with great self-confidence, passion , loyal, generous and in a certain way territorial.
Well, what do you think about lion tattoos? Would you make a tattoo of a lion? What other meanings do you think this animal can have in tattoos?.


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