The Tribal Tattoo Represents

The tribal tattoo unfortunately represents a large part of the perverse effects of the tattoo. Today, somewhat scorned and / or mocked by some of the tattooists, the tribal style is now largely synonymous with outdated or even missed practice. Everyone has in mind the image of a tribal tattoo made in the lower back of a young lady or on the biceps of a young man without any flavor and particularly poorly realized.

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The democratization of this style and the enormous enthusiasm that followed a few years ago has unfortunately encouraged many amateur tattoo artists to prick any tribal motives on their customers without worrying about their realization or Their symbolic.

Tribal style is the oldest form of corporeal art in the world and its symbolism is not to be taken lightly.

From the origin of tribal tattoo style

Born thousands of years ago, the tribal tattoo is the oldest form of body art known to the world. In Polynesia, the latter takes on an extremely elaborate form, made of complex geometrical patterns and reflecting the cosmic power of the one who wields it.

Indeed, whether it is among the Maori peoples, in Samoa or Polynesia, tribal tattooing is closely linked to the values ??it conveys.
In the Samoan, the tattoo testifies thus of the lineage, the order of birth but also the place in the tribe of the one who carries it.
Among the Maori, the tattoo served to signify its rank but also if one were an enemy or a friend.

The democratization of the tribal tattoo

Leo Zulueta is one of the first tattoo artists to have democratized the practice of tribal tattoo style in the West.
After having studied the specificities and the symbolics, on the advice of the famous Ed Hardy, this one embarked on a process of customization of the traditional tribal style.
Thanks to his work of customization, Leo Zulueta will thus allow Western aesthetics to better understand the codes of the tribal tattoo.

Unfortunately, it will also lose its symbolism. A whole new generation of tribal tattoo artists will gradually abandon the traditional part of this style in favor of a simplistic practice, easy to reproduce and decline.

The Renewal of the Tribal Tattoo

Nowadays, the enthusiasm for this style has greatly diminished, which allows its aficionados to find a true traditional practice.
True professionals of this style continue to develop this trend by putting aside the negative effects of over media coverage.

Some examples of tribal style tattoo