There is a technique to make old tattoo look better than before (not retouching or cover-up)

Your skin is one of the most perfect canvases to capture some type of art, such as tattoos.

These incredible designs and strokes are crowned as one of the most vibrant images that fill your body with color and meaning.

There is a super wide universe of designs, colors, techniques and other forms that allow you to capture a drawing, memory, moment, phrase or any line or point that means something to you, or simply draws your attention to wear on your skin.

However, over time, sun exposure, ink quality, your body’s response and other factors influence that your colorful tattoo begins to lose the vitality and radiant appearance it had in the early years.

Those changes make a design you loved at first now stop being your favorite or no longer give you the same meaning or message that motivated you to trace it at first.

In these cases, there are several alternatives to love that colorful part of your body again.

You can retouch the color, try a cover-up that completely hid it and shows off a new design, or bet on a blast over tattoo and differently appropriate your tattoo.

Old tattoo – Blast over tattoo

Blast over tattoo can be thought of as a way to restore your old tattoo. However, it goes beyond a simple touch-up.

Blast over tattoo is not about bringing the old colors back to life or redefining the old design, but rather about re-signifying it and making it part of a new tattoo.

With this technique a new design is created, but it uses the old tattoo as a background. Thus, a new proposal is achieved where the old and the new ink coexist.

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This type of tattoo works much better if your old design is in color. In most blast over tattoos, there is a black line that finds the ideal background to create a color contrast in the old and colorful design.

However, it can also be seen in the opposite way, where the old stroke is black and the new ink is the refreshing touch of color.

Often the new strokes that look on the old tattoos are usually flowers, butterflies, contours of fantastic animals, designs of geometric figures and, for the roughest, the skulls.

Unlike cover-up tattoos, which usually hide almost the entire design of the old tattoo with something totally new, blast over tattoo looks for a way to integrate the new with the old.

In a deeper sense, blast over tattoo is also an opportunity to demonstrate growth and be aware that the past brought you to where you are.

This tattoo points to the future and present, but with your past as a super important factor in this whole process.