This is the Bella Hadid tattoo that will create a trend

Bella Hadid tattoo. It is undeniable that mini tattoos and, in short those little tattoos of simple and discreet design, are in fashion. More and more artists and citizens on foot who opt for these types of tattoos to plaster some type of design on their skin. And this is the premise that has followed a well-known American model. We unveil the new tattoo of Bella Hadid. A tattoo that will create trend among your followers.

At first glance it may seem that Bella Hadid has not made any new tattoo, and is that its size is so small and is in an area that can be easily covered that a priori will be tricky to peer. Bella Hadid tattoo are two small wings. Each one on one of her ankles. Therefore, we are before what is known as a double tattoo.

New Bella Hadid tattoo

The design of the new Bella Hadid tattoo is very simple as well as clean. A simple outline without going into more details that can overload the result. The person responsible for this tattoo was Jon Boy, another of these internationally renowned tattooists because of his study, there are many “celebrities” like in this case, the model of American origin.

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Regarding the meaning of wing tattoos, we are faced with an element with a deep symbolic charge as it is associated with the most intimate and personal. It is a tattoo with which to symbolize imagination, freedom and the possibility of reaching any place as well as objective that we have marked. In addition, for many other people it is given a more religious meaning because they attribute it to their own belief and the capacity that these symbolic wings will give to reach “the beyond” when the time comes.


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