Tips for planning a magical wedding night

Whether or not you spent the night together before marriage, the first night of marriage is very special and you have to prepare it carefully to make it magical and unforgettable wedding night.

After the ceremony, the reception, the party and the emotions of your big day, it’s time to relax, assimilate everything that happened and enjoy each other in privacy.

Wedding Night Prepare

Reserve the best room. Surprise your partner by booking a suite in a hotel that is special for you or that you have always wanted to go to and when the party is over, let your eyes go so you do not know where you are going.

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Prepare the room. Before marriage take care to fill the room and the bathroom with candles, rose petals or flowers and prepare everything you think you will need. You can also ask someone to do it for you.

Undress with patience. When you arrive at the hotel, the first thing is to undress. Better each other, it will be more fun to see how the boyfriend tries to free you from the wedding dress. Then you do the same with your suit.

Stitched Panorama

Prepare a good bath. Fill the bathtub and add some salts or one of those bubble bombs with perfume and dive into its waters with a glass of champagne next to it.

Dry and dress separately. Dry and put on your pajamas or nightgown separately. One can be changed in the bathroom and the other in the room. When they are ready, go in search of the other.

Massage session. After a tiring day, who does not want a massage? First the one, then the other, run through the body of your newly released husband or wife with essential oil.

Games Sell ??your eyes to your partner and play to guess flavors. A chocolate fondue with fruits and sweets will be useful and very fun.

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The most important thing is that they take their time, remember they have the entire wedding night ahead. Dedicate each second to the other, observe, enjoy, feel as if there is no time. It’s your night and you are already husband and wife.