Tips to choose the place of the ceremony

The place of the ceremony where they will say yes, I want to make them husband and wife is magical and you have to choose it very carefully. That’s why this time we bring you some tips so that the election is much simpler.

Place of the ceremony ideas

The ways of saying yes have been expanding little by little and the same has happened with the places where we can take that big step. Nowadays there are possibilities that adapt to all tastes.

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We give you the options you have for each type of marriage:

Religious marriages They are no longer limited to performing in churches. Whenever the priest who is going to officiate the ceremony agrees, the marriage can be celebrated where the couple prefers.

Civil marriages The options you have are much broader. Not only can they be celebrated by a person with the power to do so. You can sign in the municipality and then hire an officiant to hold the ceremony in front of the guests, or give the honor to a friend and make that moment much more personal.

The truth is that for each type of wedding has a perfect place to celebrate the ceremony here we show you which and how to choose the best:

According to the season of the year. If the marriage is celebrated in winter you have to think about covered places that allow you to protect yourself from the cold, but if the marriage is celebrated in summer there are endless options to enjoy the good weather. However, if the celebration is in the spring it is necessary to foresee that it can rain so if the chosen place is in the open air, it is necessary to put some tent or roof that protects in the environment of a possible rain.

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According to the style or theme. In a country style marriage, obviously the best place is the field can be held under a centennial tree or in a garden. In a marriage on the beach you can choose the place from which you can best see the sunset. In a marriage of medieval style, the ideal would be to carry it out in the castle’s courtyard.

According to the sentimental value. Places can also evoke feelings or have a special meaning. They can get married in the cinema or in the theater where the first date was, in the same church where their parents were married or one that for their families or devotion have special affection in Las Vegas or the Caribbean if it has always been their delusion.

 It is essential that the bride and groom choose the place of the ceremony together. Thus, the day of your marriage will be even more special for both of you.