Types of facial masks

The facial masks can be presented in different textures depending on their composition and the use you want to make them.

Where to buy your skin facial masks

Face masks (natural or synthetic polymers)

They apply directly and there is no need to dry them. You can remove them with water when you are finished using them. One of the best known masks of this type is the aspirin mask.

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Peel off mask

Once applied, this peel off facial masks will dry by evaporation of the volatile alcohol components and turning into a thin, translucent film. He pulls back the film from the lower face area upwards. This mask is capable of combining two actions, thanks to the direct application of its components on the skin and the mechanical action during the removal of the film, which generates an exfoliating effect.

Mask in paste

These facial masks have a more or less thick consistency. Oily skin can be unsightly when glints are visible on parts of the face such as the chin, nose or forehead. This type of skin is characterized by the presence of small pimples and blackheads, requiring special treatment and care to improve the overall appearance of the face. Discover here more information to prepare a homemade mask for oily skin.

Creamy or creamy masks

These masks improve the penetration of nutrients on the skin and have an emollient effect. Creamy texture masks contain more active ingredients but do not have a skin protecting agent, so it is recommended to use them at night. As the lipid density is higher than normal, except for extremely alpidic, ie dry, skins, the daily use of these cream masks is discouraged.

Sailing masks

These masks are made of cellulose impregnated with collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid … or in a kind of tissue in the shape of face and with openings for the eyes, the nose and the mouth. They must be placed tightly on your face, previously washed well.

Film-type masks

It absorbs most of the components of the mask by improving the penetration of the main assets, you will get the excess if necessary.

Powder masks

Simply prepare them by dissolving the powder during its application and with a brush, without the mixture being in contact with a metal utensil on your skin.

Paraffin masks

They should be heated before application on your face, so do not forget to cover your face with a special grease, prepared for it.

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Where to buy your skin masks

The place of reference must be your usual pharmacy, if you wish to have masks cheaper but with the same guarantee you can also buy them online, provided that the site is referenced and payment secure.



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